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Shunyata Denali AC Power Conditioning System

““In every sonic criterion, the DENALI Series establish a new benchmark for performance” “The qualities that have made me a Shunyata user for the past ten years were taken to new heights by the DENALI system”” ~ Robert Harley; Editor-in-Chief: The Absolute Sound Read the full review HERE.

Denali is Audiostream’s 2016 Product of the Year

The Denali series of power conditioners were the most impressive power conditioners I have had the opportunity to use or evaluate. The Denali employs new component designs that allowed it make a significant improvement to not only my DAC and preamp, but my Ayre MX-R Twenty power amps as well.” Read the Review…

Shunyata Research: Bringing New Meaning to the Term Critical Performance Factors

When the late, great Bill Shankley, manager of Liverpool Football Club, 1959-74, stated that “Football isn’t a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that.” he might just as well have been talking about audiophiles and the equipment they do or don’t buy. More specifically, the equipment they believe in — and […]

The Absolute Sound 2016 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide

The Absolute Sound Magazine included eight products in their 2016 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide. The products in their Buyer’s Guide represent what they consider the best in audiophile products for 2016. The winners are: HYDRA TRITON V2 power distributor pg. 244 HYDRA DPC-6 power distributor pg. 244 VENOM PS8 power distributor pg. 244 VENOM DEFENDER […]

Review of TRITON v2, TYPHON, DPC-6, ΞTRON™ Σ SIGMA by AudioStream

The Shunyata Research TRITON v2, HYDRA TYPHON, HYDRA DPC-6 v2, and ΞTRON™ Σ SIGMA AC Power Cables represent the state-of-the-art offerings from this well-known company that specializes in signal and power transfer products. These no-compromise products are created by Shunyata’s owner and chief designer, Caelin Gabriel; a man who has been steadily improving his company’s […]

First Sounds: Shunyata Research HYDRA TRITON v2

I reviewed the first Triton back in 2013, observing “. . . quieter backgrounds with less grain and hash, the emergence of new musical detail, improved timbre, more refined dynamic contrast (especially in the mid to lower frequencies) an expansive soundstage with better image focus, and, of course, the HYDRA hallmark of weightier bass with […]


The HYDRA DPC-6 Digital Power Distribution Center is the first power conditioner made by Shunyata Research designed specifically for digital media products. Components such as computers, digital servers, disc-arrays, and cable modems-routers present special problems in terms of noise that pollutes the AC line that is simultaneously serving other audio components adversely affecting the overall […]

The Absolute Sound 2014 Golden Ear Awards

My history with AC power-distribution and line-conditioning products is a fairly spotty one. Sonically, they give and they take away, and I generally put them aside after a few weeks. Nowadays I just grab a power cord and head for the nearest available outlet, avoiding power-surge-protection strips for critical components. I’ve come to view such […]