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AudioStream: DENALI Series

September 2016:

…I realized that the Shunyata Denali Series represented a total rethinking by Caelin Gabriel, Designer and CEO of Shunyata Research, in the design of his power conditioners. A portion of the technology in the DENALI Series resulted from Shunyata’s work in the new medical grade technology that has been successfully developed for electrophysiology labs and hospitals.

Shunyata at Newport: Vivid – Luxman – Shunyata Super System

June 2015: Newport, CA

The 2015 T.H.E. Newport Show was by all accounts the best attended consumer show the high-end audio trade has seen in quite some time, which bodes well for our business and our hobby. As usual, Shunyata products were scattered throughout the show, but our main exhibit was on the Main floor with Philip O’Hanlon of On A Higher Note and the superb Vivid Giya 3 loudspeakers.