CX-Series Power Cords & HYDRA V-RAY Version II Power Conditioner

The most simplistic view of AC power is binary -- it works or it doesn't. Your blow dryer or toaster gets AC from the outlet and powers up or it doesn't, and you let your hair air dry or eat something else with your tea. But this black-or-white view of AC power doesn't encompass sensitive audio gear, whose performance is greatly affected by the quality of the power it receives.

~ Marc Mickelson, Reviewer at The Audio Beat 

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Recently I bought the Black Mamba CX almost as a lark...

For years I had been using two or three so called “Giant Killer” power cables for my Wadia, (read cheap) thinking they should be “good enough”. Recently I bought the Black Mamba CX almost as a lark. Well, Richard, my first adventure in Shunyataland has been a real eye and ear opener! Did not realize just how much I had been missing, or how good the rest of my system really was. No audiophile verbiage needed, this Black Mamba CX just destroyed the Elcheapo power cables in all audible areas. I’m sure this is no surprise to you, but to me it has been a revelation. Thanks to this one power cable I now have an entirely “new” CD library to enjoy.

Thanks again,

Jim O.


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Truly amazing!

Dear Caelin and Grant,

I have recently upgraded all of the power cables in my audio system from your Shunyata ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX to your KING COBRA CX. After an extensive "break in" of several weeks, I can emphatically state that the new KING COBRA CX's are unequivocally better sounding. They have turned a nightly routine into a nightly EVENT! In addition to an unimaginably quieter and blacker background, they have brought forth a whole new layer of new found resolution of spatial and dynamic realism that must be heard to be believed! There are literally vistas of new and musically relevant information on each and every recording that I have played. Sometimes this new found resolution is outright startling!

I have been a music lover for most of my life and an audiophile for thirty five years. I have refined my tastes for what sounds best to my tastes, and have long since exited the "preamp of the month club", with the purchase of my current electronics (All Mark Levinson Reference) about a decade ago. I purchased that equipment, because I liked how it sounded, I liked how it looks, and I liked the interfacing of the components. I still love what I have and nothing has convinced, nor persuaded me to change my electronics. Most "high end" audio electronics are built to military standards and with proper care will perform for decades. Your KING COBRA CX power cables along with my two V-RAY II's have allowed my equipment to perform at a much higher level than ever before. It sounds like the already overbuilt power supplies of my electronics were just rebuilt and tripled in their size and at the same time the circuit boards designed to pass more information! I now hear resolution down to the room noise and musicians breathing, instrumental overtones sound more of a piece and simply more "real", voices more "human", and dynamics much more alive and vibrant -- truly amazing!

These KING COBRA CX cables are expensive, no doubt and for the same money I could have traded in or sold my Levinson electronics and purchased new equipment, but I chose not to do that, as again, I had left the electronics merry-go-round some years ago. I firmly believe that the purity and the amount of power that audio electronics have, the better that they will perform. While I have top notch signal cable, I think that if the electronics are not performing at their fullest potential, then the signal that they are transferring from component to component will be seriously compromised. Power is as key as a properly designed listening room, if one wants to achieve state of the art sound reproduction.

The overall "sonic picture" that I have currently achieved (pun intended!) must not only be heard to be believed, but also warps time, as when I leave the sound room for the evening what seemed like minutes was hours!

Thank you for designing and manufacturing your amazing products! I look forward to continuing the journey with you as you develop even better sounding power products in the future!



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