GUARDIAN AC Power Distributor

If you have cables the size of a baby's forearm sluicing the juice to your components, you probably take the quality of incoming AC pretty seriously. In fact, I'd be surprised if an audiophile so equipped (or even those with 'normal' sized high quality cables) wasn't plugging into some kind of good quality power product.

~ Graham Abbott, Reviewer at Positive Feedback 

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I bought the GUARDIAN 4-HT... and love it

I bought the GUARDIAN 4-HT thru hifi at the soundstation and love it. Works great with my headphone amp -- it's a maxed out home reference and it sounds better with a DIAMONDBACK power cable and 4HT.

But when I plugged in my 31" RCA and Direct TV receiver -- a dramatic improvement in picture quality.

WOW! Its less fuzzy and colors more vibrant was using monster hts 2000 before.

R. Chambers


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