Across the board sonic upgrade

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Matt,

I have been an avid audiophile for over thirty years. I have been fortunate to have the ability and means to own reference grade electronic and loudspeakers and have a purpose built, sound treated listening room outfitted with an electrical sub panel, grounding system, and more than enough dedicated electric lines.

Around 1986 I got into digital, scraping my Goldmund turntable, as I found that records, no matter how good they sounded, always contained some amount of background noise or either in the form of tick and pops, or just plain old low level rumble. The problem with digital is that it created a noise of its own -- grunge back on the electric line. I have used various manufactures' power conditioning equipment over the years, but it was not until I wired my entire system with your ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX power cables, V-RAY conditioner for the front end and HYDRA 2 for the amplification, did I realize just how damned great my digital now sounds! My listening room is library quiet -- almost eerily so, as again it is an isolated room both acoustically and eclectically from the rest of my home.

This room quiet, really allows your Shunyata power conditioning equipment to make my system sound like the sonic equivalent of watching a 35MM film. Everything is simply layered bare in front of me in a 180 degree and three dimensional panoramic vista of sound that is outright scary!!! Voices and musical instruments just hang in air, and when the music gets complex, it is only complex in its composition and performance, not in its conveyance through my loudspeakers. Everything is dead quiet. The high notes sparkle and the low notes growl. Your power conditioning equipment simply makes the music easy on the ears, as the brain has so much less work to do in deciphering the music and its inherent complexities of dynamics, micro dynamics, rhythmic interaction, image placement, sound staging, harmonic nuance, cohesiveness, correctness of timber, and an overall finely delineated "wholeness". My audio system not only has been elevated to a whole different and much higher level, but it is at a level that I have never heard from any other audio system before!

Last week a good friend came over for a visit, and we listened to the music system for several hours. He initially commented on how shockingly quiet my audio system now sounds. After further listening he commented that there was now so much more information coming through my speakers that it was now hard to process -- he was hearing familiar recordings that were, in his experience, revealed with much greater fidelity and resolution. At the end of our listening session he commented -- Wow! Thank you for sharing that with me! What a treat!!!

A few further thoughts -- I lived with a HYDRA 8 for a couple of months before I upgraded to the V-RAY. While the HYDRA 8 was excellent, the V-RAY's performance is a definite across the board sonic upgrade, easily that of upgrading a major component. I also tried the PYTHON HELIX power cables, and I must disagree with Robert Harley's assessment in Issue 168 of "The Absolute Sound" magazine, where he writes that the PYTHON is 98% of the ANACONDA's performance. From my experience the PYTHON, while a most excellent power cable (better than anything else that I have ever used before it!), does not deliver the bottom half octave of bass nor the micro dynamics of the entire audio range with the same authority of the ANACONDA power cable. Perhaps a 20% performance upgrade from the PYTHON to the ANACONDA is a more appropriate percentage relationship. In the context my system, where I am using eight Anacondas, all of those 20% performance differentials add up to a huge and stunning total performance upgrade.

In summation, I am so pleased with your top grade power conditioning equipment, that it makes all other power conditioning gear that I have employed in my audio system over the past three decades sound simply wrong. I now have a mistrust of all audio reviews that I currently read that were written by reviewers who are not using Shunyata for their power conditioning, as they are not getting a true “read” on the products that they are reviewing without your equipment to properly condition the power!

I want to thank you for designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing such amazing equipment that allows me to enjoy and appreciate my music collection as never before!



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The most naive and pedestrian view of power cords and their use in high-end audio systems is what I will forever label "the last six feet fallacy." This asserts that between your amplifier and power company there are miles and miles of power lines, so why on earth would the last six feet, which is what the power cord represents, make any sonic difference?

~ Marc Mickelson, Editor-in-Chief of the SoundStage! Network 

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Shunyata-Strippen ist Sanskrit und bezeichnet die „Leere“, zu- sammenhängend mit dem „Nicht-Selbst“ im Buddhismus, das Fehlen einer Eigennatur, eine Leere ohne Eigenkennzeichen und damit – auf Kabel übertra- gen – eigentlich das angestrebte Ideal. Die äußeren Abmessun- gen der Kabel erinnern an leib- haftige Schlangen.

~ Tom Franzen, Reviewer at Stereo Magazine
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Everything is clearer making all the instruments sound better


You probably already know how good your products are, but just in case...

I just put a TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA power cord onto my CJ CT-5 preamp and wow. It replaced a Custom Power Company Eleven which I always figured was ok. I already had a 20 amp TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA and HYDRA 8 as well as HYDRA 2 with a Shunyata COPPERHEAD for my CJ Premier 12's. Linn LP12 / Ekos/Lingo/Akiva cartridge. Naim UnitiServe / Enightened Audio DSP-7000 (I know - ancient). Meadowlark Blue Heron speakers.

The TAIPAN on the CT-5 has been remarkable. These things are hard to describe, so I'll do my best: The music is suddenly much more palpable. The soundstage had always been behind the speakers and now it's at the plane of the speakers. Everything is clearer making all the instruments sound better. Records that were always a bit dull sounding on my system suddenly sound alive (eg... Allman's Eat a Peach). No negatives to top end, bass or rhythm/ pacing.

It's hard to believe that a power cord could make such a difference in a system, but it has. Best upgrade ever!

Thanks for reading.

David S.


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Late last year, I wrote about Shunyata Research's ANTARES HELIX interconnects and ORION HELIX speaker cables. Since that time, I've used the ANTARES and ORION almost exclusively, and both have become the cables I turn to when I want to hear what's going on with a review product, or when I have time to listen for pleasure. If you're an audiophile, you can't ask for anything more than that.

~ Marc Mickelson, Editor-in-Chief of the SoundStage! Network 

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Superior in every musically meaningful way

Thank you for your reply. I know you must get many emails. I have purchased the PYTHON ALPHA HELIX and it will arrive tomorrow. I'm so glad that I took the time to audition the HYDRA MODEL-8 and ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX. I was ready to buy an Exactpower (EP 15) and decided to try the HYDRA in my system. After listening to the HYDRA, there was not doubt. It was superior in every musically meaningful way.

Thanks again for your help. You now have another loyal customer who will spread the word.

John A.


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About a year ago, I made myself a promise. I looked myself in the bathroom mirror and swore up and down that I’d never review another cable. I even went so far as to tell Marc Mickelson (in writing) that if I ever again expressed an interest in pursuing a cable review, he should totally ignore me. If we were in the same room, I continued, he should cuff me a dry one across the ear.

~ Jason Thorpe, Reviewer at the SoundStage! Network 

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Truly amazing!

Dear Caelin and Grant,

I have recently upgraded all of the power cables in my audio system from your Shunyata ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX to your KING COBRA CX. After an extensive "break in" of several weeks, I can emphatically state that the new KING COBRA CX's are unequivocally better sounding. They have turned a nightly routine into a nightly EVENT! In addition to an unimaginably quieter and blacker background, they have brought forth a whole new layer of new found resolution of spatial and dynamic realism that must be heard to be believed! There are literally vistas of new and musically relevant information on each and every recording that I have played. Sometimes this new found resolution is outright startling!

I have been a music lover for most of my life and an audiophile for thirty five years. I have refined my tastes for what sounds best to my tastes, and have long since exited the "preamp of the month club", with the purchase of my current electronics (All Mark Levinson Reference) about a decade ago. I purchased that equipment, because I liked how it sounded, I liked how it looks, and I liked the interfacing of the components. I still love what I have and nothing has convinced, nor persuaded me to change my electronics. Most "high end" audio electronics are built to military standards and with proper care will perform for decades. Your KING COBRA CX power cables along with my two V-RAY II's have allowed my equipment to perform at a much higher level than ever before. It sounds like the already overbuilt power supplies of my electronics were just rebuilt and tripled in their size and at the same time the circuit boards designed to pass more information! I now hear resolution down to the room noise and musicians breathing, instrumental overtones sound more of a piece and simply more "real", voices more "human", and dynamics much more alive and vibrant -- truly amazing!

These KING COBRA CX cables are expensive, no doubt and for the same money I could have traded in or sold my Levinson electronics and purchased new equipment, but I chose not to do that, as again, I had left the electronics merry-go-round some years ago. I firmly believe that the purity and the amount of power that audio electronics have, the better that they will perform. While I have top notch signal cable, I think that if the electronics are not performing at their fullest potential, then the signal that they are transferring from component to component will be seriously compromised. Power is as key as a properly designed listening room, if one wants to achieve state of the art sound reproduction.

The overall "sonic picture" that I have currently achieved (pun intended!) must not only be heard to be believed, but also warps time, as when I leave the sound room for the evening what seemed like minutes was hours!

Thank you for designing and manufacturing your amazing products! I look forward to continuing the journey with you as you develop even better sounding power products in the future!



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You guys are GREAT!

Good morning gentlemen,

Just wanted to let you know that this system is sounding fabulous and these guys aren't even broken in yet. This is day 3 so I guess in another couple of days we'll really be smokin'. I'm sure when I put in the 2 CX's and the re-terminated HELIX ALPHA, it's going to be absolutely awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job in the products you make as well as the outstanding service. You guys are GREAT!



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