Hubbell SR-Z1 Outlets

Shunyata CEO, scientist Caelin Gabriel explains the significance of electrical outlet connections in current delivery and explains why superior-grade outlets are recommended for the purposes of current delivery to high-performance audio and video systems.

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SR-Z1 Outlets

SR-Z1 outlets are built by Hubbell to Shunyata Research's exacting specifications. Oversized housing for improved cooling. High purity copper-brass alloy instead of commonly used bronze-tin alloy. Triple wipe contacts for better electrical continuity.

All SR-Z1 outlets are treated on-site with our Cryogenics International computer controlled cryogenics facility.

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SR-Z1 Wall Outlet

The high-quality outlet I'm most familiar with is Shunyata Research's SR-Z1, widely available for ca $95. Unless you're an experienced home handyman, hiring a licensed electrician to do the changeover pays dividends in peace of mind... Unless you've replaced the wall outlet that your system plugs into within the past few years, that outlet is probably long past due for replacement -- especially if you can look inside the outlet and see drops of dried wall paint. Even if the outlet hasn't been painted over, upgrading to a heavy-duty, cryogenically processed outlet will remove major bottlenecks in both the outlet and its connections to the house wiring.)

~ John Marks, Reviewer at Stereophile
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I just installed one of your SR-Z1 outlets. All I can say is WOW! This is without a doubt the best Audio upgrade I have ever done. I definitely hear and see a difference, with my Audio equipment and my TV. Truly an excellent product! I highly recommend the SR-Z1 to anyone who wants to improve the performance of their electronics equipment.

Peter L.


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