In one word: remarkable!!

Hi Richard:

I would like to let you know how things are working out with the new TRITON, TYPHON, and the ΞTRON™ powersnakes.

In one word: remarkable!!

The TRITON/TYPHON combination is simply amazing. The noise floor in my system is now vanishingly low. I am an Electrical Engineer and I have been an audiophile for more than thirty years, and to say the noise floor is vanishingly low is something I never thought I would say about any system.

Please give my warmest regards to Caelin Gabriel and everybody else at Shunyata!

Robert O.


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It's a real charmer...

Very happy with the Shunyata TYPHON addition for the TRITON.....

It is great to be able to say without hesitation that the addition of the Shunyata TYPHON to my TRITON is one of the most magical moments in my four decades as a music loving soul. It's real charmer: the TYPHON is one push forward towards audio bliss that frankly I did not see coming. For my system & taste it is a mayor step into a new level of music reproduction. All being said from a person who treasures music far above the hobby of collecting esoteric & $$$ gear.

Perhaps everyone may not feel this way because what the TYPHON does is hard to quantify w/ words, simple narrative bites & typical audiophile catchphrases.

The synergy is a real shocker: Music is in all regards simply more emotional, nuanced, clear, articulate and spatial in spades. Lush & at the same time powerful. Every recording sounds more interesting in some way & most are frankly more pleasurable to listen to. Space is the name of the game. Timing, tonalities, nuance, expression, emotion & engagement.... on & on.

If I were to remove the TYPHON from the system (which I have done for my wife) it is like viewing/hearing the musical event from behind a scrim or sheet of glass: It is for lack of a better word FLAT (er), pale, less organic & less emotionally engaging. A bit like watching someone on film take a walk on a beautiful day instead of walking & experiencing it yourself.

What the TYPHON/TRITON does:

- A picture window expands floor to ceiling and the glass is pristine....
- The air just got cleaner & cooler like a gentle passing spring front
- A stone dropped in a placid pond sending ripples to the banks
- Someone whispered from across a room but each word was clear & distinct
- The back wall of my listening room grew much deeper & the room magically expanded in all directions
- My emotional core was touched by a passage that I have known for decades but never w/ such resonance....
- Never heard that door slam before or that train pass in the distant background.....or the last, faintest, deepest rumble of thunder miles away...
- A drink of the purest cool water
- Oh... I remember what a nylon string guitar sound like in a small intimate room.

Every small detail..... The list can grow: It becomes a litany of little metaphors that hint at something that is poetic at its core. Poetic and therefore harder to describe. And poetic the TYPHON/TRITON combo is. In spades!!!

The point I want to make is that the overall effect of adding the TYPHON is something I intellectually understood but did not actually expect to be so deeply, dare I say, soulful & rewarding. This is the nicest thing I have done for my passions & myself as an audiophile/music lover in decades. Please if you can find a dealer who can let you take one of these home do so. It may turn out to be an expensive early birthday gift's just magical.

Mark S. Smith


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Hi Richard:

I would like to let you know how things are working out with the new TRITON, TYPHON, and the ΞTRON™ Powersnakes. In one word: remarkable!!

The TRITON/TYPHON combination is simply amazing. The noise floor in my system is now vanishingly low. I am an Electrical Engineer and I have been an audiophile for more than thirty years, and to say the noise floor is vanishingly low is something I never thought I would say about any system.

Please give my warmest regards to Caelin Gabriel and everybody else at Shunyata!

Robert O.


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Review of TRITON v2, TYPHON, DPC-6, ΞTRON™ Σ SIGMA by AudioStream

The Shunyata Research TRITON v2, HYDRA TYPHON, HYDRA DPC-6 v2, and ΞTRON™ Σ SIGMA AC Power Cables represent the state-of-the-art offerings from this well-known company that specializes in signal and power transfer products. These no-compromise products are created by Shunyata’s owner and chief designer, Caelin Gabriel; a man who has been steadily improving his company’s products since his first power conditioner offering in 2001. Shunyata Research’s products have not only been embraced by audiophiles, but by commercial recording studios, orchestras, and other commercial audio designers.

~ Steven Plaskin, Reviewer at AudioStream 

Read the full review HERE.

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Typhon is a Very Worthwhile Improvement
Hello Richard,
I am really impressed with the promises of what Typhon can do to quieten the noise and especially the unusually not easy to tame phono amp.
My systems - Power, Pre, Phono, CD player (all hybrids) are now so quiet. Gone are the ear fatigue for high note, bass with the longest frequency waves length just sailed into the sunset. Ella, Billie, Nick Colionne, Dinah, Lightnin' Hopkins voices sounded so clear as if they are singing live.
To sum up, adding Typhon doesn't comes cheap, yet it can make a very worthwhile improvement to the overall sound quality!


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I just LOVE the sound that the Triton/Typhon combo makes now!! Really can't believe how I could listen to my stereo before! I didn't think my equipment could produce this kind of sonic quality. I was convinced that I had to change speakers or buy a newer cd player to achieve this sound. But my Duette HAVE grown musically now! I don't have any plans to move up the Wilson ladder, although I know a pair of Sasha would give me better sound, but at a HIGH price. Not really worth it, cos I would still feel the urge to get better cables anyway. Better to focus on cables now!! :-)

Kind Regards,



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You have embarked on a new frontier...

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

I had replaced the KING COBRA CX that I was using on my Spectral 4000SL CD player. I was initially underwhelmed by the ALPHA's lack of bottom end weight and majesty. Then I let the cable burn and settle in by putting the player on repeat for a couple hundred hours. Then came the sonic transformation of a level of an improved magnitude that blew me away! Up until now, my experience is that your power conditioning "boxes" offered more "bang for the buck" than your power cables. Not that your cables aren't most excellent, which they are (I have plenty of em!), but that a $5000 TRITON or TYPHON box offered more value than a $3,000 ANACONDA wire. Not any more! In fact, if I had to (reluctantly) relinquish, say one of my TYPHON's or my ALPHA DIGITAL cable, the TYPHON would be the one to go!

The ALPHA DIGITAL cable is a game changer. This may be the most important product that you have ever introduced to the market! The improvements, not differences, but improvements that I hear, in the context of my reference audio system are many. I will try my best to describe some of them. The soundstage is now much more clarified with an increased sense of imaging placement. Digital glare is tremendously reduced, and with that reduction of glare comes and increased sense of richness and density of timber of both instruments and voices. The sense of increased richness of harmonics and overtones of the instruments on the soundstage has been vastly improved. A guitar sounds more like a live guitar with the warm woody resonance of the soundboard with the interplay of the vibrating strings and their overtones on the harmonics. On piano recordings, I swoon at the hearing the sound of the individual mallets striking the strings and that instrument's resonance. The piano's sound and positioning on the stage is much better focused than ever before. Removing the glare from the human voice makes it sound, well, that much more human! Voices now seem to hang in space better than ever before, with every word more intelligible, particularly the ending of words. For example, lets say the vocalist sings the word "last". Before the ALPHA, the word would sound closer to "lass" (with some digital "spit"), and now sounds like "lasT" (and that enunciated "T" fades off into space). Vocals are SO much easier to follow! The ALPHA also allows the dynamics (macro and micro) of the recording to come though as never before, as I am now hearing each performer's individual contribution to the collective performance in the rhythm of the tune much more easy to discern. Combine all that I have mentioned and the increased sense of RPT and overall musicality in the sound of my system have gone WAY UP over the price of the ALPHA cable, which is less that a third of the price of the KING COBRA CX that it replaces! In fact if you had marketed this cable for the same price as that KING COBRA, it would have still been a fantastic value. Yes, it's that good.

You have embarked on a new frontier with the ALPHA DIGITAL that in one fell swoop, has allowed us to hear the improvements that the designers of digital equipment and the designers of their internal componentry have worked to improve in over the past generation. Using an Alpha Digital cable is like taking digital's sound ahead of where it currently resides into the future by a decade! It is that big of a deal!

With awe and appreciation for what you do...



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Your products have really made a difference!

The near field high frequency noise issue is, in my experience, the key to getting things right. I installed the TRITON/TYPHON and the new ΞTRON™ cables where a V-RAY and some lesser quality cables had previously been installed. Prior to installing the TRITON/TYPHON, I had heard some peculiar low level intermittent noises, but I could not determine what was causing of these noises. At first, I thought I had some tubes going bad in my Audio Research Ref 40 linestage or in my Audio Research PH3SE Phono Stage. Replacing the tubes did not help. I tried other things, but I could not get rid of that noise. After upgrading the V-RAY to the TRITON/TYPHON, the noise floor of the system dropped enough that I could clearly tell what the intermittent problem was: it was RF interference from the local AM radio station. By turning the Gain all the way up, and putting my ear to the speaker, I could hear the radio station. I traced the problem down to some grounding and shielding issues in the phono cables. The problem went away, and the system sounds remarkably better. The key issue here is that until after installing the TRITON/TYPHON, I could not trace down the problem.

I have very good, "clean" AC power coming into my listening room. I live out in the country. I have my own step-down "pole pig" transformer at my ranch. I do not have to share the output of this transformer with anybody else. The main power panel for the entire Ranch is next to the listening room, and I have four dedicated AC lines, two on each side of the incoming power.

I have degrees in Electrical Engineering and a career of experience working in the Aerospace industry. I spent most of my career working on major spacecraft and related systems. Getting the noise floor of the system to an acceptably low level is of fundamental importance in satellite communications. The stereo rig I have assembled here is one of the quietest systems I have ever created. Your products have really made a difference! I wish your products had been available to us when we were testing spacecraft. You could have helped us a lot!

Robert O.


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