A major miracle has taken place!

Greetings to Caelin and Richard,

My name is Thomas Cicatelli, but my "Stage Name" is Tommie Chick. First, let me say to Caelin that I wish I could speak to you to personally say "thanks" for what you and your research team have done for me. I am a musician within a three piece band who writes, sings and plays the guitar. My bass player and drummer complete my band. We play Blues standards and originals of mine. I have been playing guitar for 45 years and have settled on a tone that I consider to be the "Holy Grail".

With the help of your many hours of toil and sweat and assistance from Mark at Music Direct I was able to be put in contact with Richard at Shunyata. Let me explain what is happening. I play guitar as an extension of my voice and I am very cognizant of the fact that the tone I achieve on my instrument is also an expression of myself. Through many years and hundreds of hours, I have strained at this search for my tone. As a result, my equipment has gone through several changes over the years. But, during the summer of 2011, my search led me in a new direction.

In the beginning I made a decision to change all my equipment. I sold all my guitars, amps and effects. The only thing I kept the same were my custom made Van den haul cables, picks and strings. I decided on a Heritage H150 as my main guitar and an amp made in Italy as my only go to instrument. Both the guitar and the amp had things change on them before they were ready. But I noticed a problem when playing my tube amp that was plugged into a Furman Power Factor Pro. I spoke to Mark at Music Direct and I started to think about what needed to be changed.

After reading the information on your website, I started to understand what was wrong with my sound. It was then that I spoke to Richard. At first I told him that I wanted to speak to Caelin. Let me say that I know now why that was not going to take place. I made the decision to purchase the COPPERHEAD power cable and here is what has happened to my sound and guitartone:


In an even more dramatic way then when I switched guitar cords. The COPPERHEAD is the best piece of equipment I have. My tone is phenomenal. I am able to say because of three things: 1. My Bass player, a friend for 40 years, told me after our 2 hours of rehearsing that my tone was the best he had ever heard. 2. My recording engineer and fellow musician(guitar,harp and violin are his instruments) looked at everything I was using and could not believe the sound, sustain and harmonics I was able to achieve. 3. My WIFE! she said that my sound was very pleasant and a lot more musical then before. Here is what the COPPERHEAD has done for my sound/tone: I can take the black 10ft. power cable and make a dog leash out of it. I am positve that it changed my tone dramatically because I a/b both cables and the COPPERHEAD destroyed the other one totally. My amp after more than 2 hours of use was NOT even the least bit warm. It was cool to my touch.

This means that the tubes will last longer because they will not have to be pushed harder. Internal components like filter caps etc. will not have to be changed as quickly. Lastly, the speaker will sound better as it ages because it does not have to be over worked all the time.

My guitar sound was now MUCH better. Chords were full, single notes were clear as a bell, my sustain was more pronounced, string harmonics and tube overtones and gain was smooth. My effects worked better and changes to the controls made a big difference. By this I mean it did not matter if I changed the controls on the amp, the guitar or my overdrive effect. All of these changes were heard and made an impact on my sound. Well, this is my review of what the Shunyata Research COPPERHEAD power cable did for me. I am a big fan and an endorser of this great piece of equipment.

Now, when I leave, I take: my guitar, my amp, my overdrive pedal, my cables, picks and last but really first, I make sure that my amp has the COPPERHEAD attached.

Tommie Chick, aka Thomas Cicatelli


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A power cord really does make a difference

Hi. I recently purchased your VENOM-3 Power Cord (15amp) and love it. I'll be darned, a power cord really does make a difference. Maybe it's all in my head, but if so, I like the way you hypnotized me!

Sam C.


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A tremendous difference to the sound quality


Thanks for taking the time to talk the other day. As I mentioned in my conversation, I currently own the Shunyata ZR-1 and the SIDEWINDER VTX power cable (on the Oppo) and both have made a tremendous difference to the sound quality of my system (Pioneer SVX54, Oppo BDP83se, B&W 805, JL Audio Phantom, Cardas Neutral reference interconnects and speaker wire). The key, as you had pointed out with the power cable (and I have tried out 2 other lower models from Shunyata), is the burn-in time. This has made a huge difference.

I would recommend the Shunyata line to anyone wanting a great deal. A small investment in Shunyata can bring you a enormous difference in sound quality clarity, enhanced sound stage and more true to life experience without busting the bank. In these tough economic times its great to see an American company put out quality product.



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Absolutely fantastic

I've evaluated your products and found them absolutely fantastic (TAIPAN VX, ALPHA and HYDRA MODEL-2). They smoked my Transparent PowerIsolator4 and Analysis PowerOval combo. I ordered right away 1m PYTHON VX for my cd-player (Bow Technologies Wizard 24/192), PYTHON ALPHA for my integrated (Bow Wazoo 50W no negative feedback-design, very tube sounding integrated) and two pieces of HYDRA MODEL-2's equipped with TAIPAN ALPHA's.



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Absolutely fantastic

I evaluated your products and found them absolutely fantastic (TAIPAN VX, ALPHA and HYDRA MODEL-2). They smoked my Transparent PowerIsolator4 and Analysis PowerOval combo. I ordered right away 1m PYTHON VX for my cd-player (Bow Technologies Wizard 24/192), PYTHON ALPHA for my integrated (Bow Wazoo 50W no negative feedback-design, very tube sounding integrated) and two pieces of HYDRA MODEL-2's equipped with TAIPAN ALPHA's.



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Across the board sonic upgrade

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Matt,

I have been an avid audiophile for over thirty years. I have been fortunate to have the ability and means to own reference grade electronic and loudspeakers and have a purpose built, sound treated listening room outfitted with an electrical sub panel, grounding system, and more than enough dedicated electric lines.

Around 1986 I got into digital, scraping my Goldmund turntable, as I found that records, no matter how good they sounded, always contained some amount of background noise or either in the form of tick and pops, or just plain old low level rumble. The problem with digital is that it created a noise of its own -- grunge back on the electric line. I have used various manufactures' power conditioning equipment over the years, but it was not until I wired my entire system with your ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX power cables, V-RAY conditioner for the front end and HYDRA 2 for the amplification, did I realize just how damned great my digital now sounds! My listening room is library quiet -- almost eerily so, as again it is an isolated room both acoustically and eclectically from the rest of my home.

This room quiet, really allows your Shunyata power conditioning equipment to make my system sound like the sonic equivalent of watching a 35MM film. Everything is simply layered bare in front of me in a 180 degree and three dimensional panoramic vista of sound that is outright scary!!! Voices and musical instruments just hang in air, and when the music gets complex, it is only complex in its composition and performance, not in its conveyance through my loudspeakers. Everything is dead quiet. The high notes sparkle and the low notes growl. Your power conditioning equipment simply makes the music easy on the ears, as the brain has so much less work to do in deciphering the music and its inherent complexities of dynamics, micro dynamics, rhythmic interaction, image placement, sound staging, harmonic nuance, cohesiveness, correctness of timber, and an overall finely delineated "wholeness". My audio system not only has been elevated to a whole different and much higher level, but it is at a level that I have never heard from any other audio system before!

Last week a good friend came over for a visit, and we listened to the music system for several hours. He initially commented on how shockingly quiet my audio system now sounds. After further listening he commented that there was now so much more information coming through my speakers that it was now hard to process -- he was hearing familiar recordings that were, in his experience, revealed with much greater fidelity and resolution. At the end of our listening session he commented -- Wow! Thank you for sharing that with me! What a treat!!!

A few further thoughts -- I lived with a HYDRA 8 for a couple of months before I upgraded to the V-RAY. While the HYDRA 8 was excellent, the V-RAY's performance is a definite across the board sonic upgrade, easily that of upgrading a major component. I also tried the PYTHON HELIX power cables, and I must disagree with Robert Harley's assessment in Issue 168 of "The Absolute Sound" magazine, where he writes that the PYTHON is 98% of the ANACONDA's performance. From my experience the PYTHON, while a most excellent power cable (better than anything else that I have ever used before it!), does not deliver the bottom half octave of bass nor the micro dynamics of the entire audio range with the same authority of the ANACONDA power cable. Perhaps a 20% performance upgrade from the PYTHON to the ANACONDA is a more appropriate percentage relationship. In the context my system, where I am using eight Anacondas, all of those 20% performance differentials add up to a huge and stunning total performance upgrade.

In summation, I am so pleased with your top grade power conditioning equipment, that it makes all other power conditioning gear that I have employed in my audio system over the past three decades sound simply wrong. I now have a mistrust of all audio reviews that I currently read that were written by reviewers who are not using Shunyata for their power conditioning, as they are not getting a true “read” on the products that they are reviewing without your equipment to properly condition the power!

I want to thank you for designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing such amazing equipment that allows me to enjoy and appreciate my music collection as never before!



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Allows all of the components to perform their best

As I mentioned on the phone, I consider the new HYDRA MODEL-8 to be an almost "holy grail", "one ring, crack of doom" type addition to my audio/video system! No kidding, the HYDRA MODEL-8 just seems to create this great synergy within my system that allows all of the components to perform their best. I've been pretty much telling all of my audiophile friends (and anyone else who will listen) the same! Please pass along my thanks to everyone at Shunyata for all the great power products.

Tim H.


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An emotional connection to music...

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

This is a follow up comment to my previous comment that I had made about the two TRITON's that I had installed in my main system. As I had commented, I had on order a third TRITON power conditioner for my workshop audio system.

I spend between 20 and 25 hours a week in my workshop as part of a process of earning my livelihood. This past year, I installed an audio system in my workshop consisting of basically a recent vintage Audio Research Reference tube line stage, and Audio Research CD player, and an Audio Research power amp. Speakers are Magnepans, suspended and angled from the ceiling of my work area. Power cables are Shunyata KING COBRA CX's. I have two dedicated lines -- one for the amp and one for the TRITON which powers everything else.

While my main system is for dedicated listening only, that system was put together for a "fidelity to the master tape" sound. The workshop system was put together for a "beauty of tone" sound. Listening to music on the main system is the activity in and of itself, while the secondary system is to provide some element of nourishment, stimulation, relaxation, and fun while I am working. Music is secondary to my working, but I still wanted a sound that made that music sound more accessible. This system is on all the time while I am working and as such I did not want it to be fatiguing in any way, nor did my family need excess bass traveling to other parts of our home.

Simply put, the addition of the TRITON in that secondary system increased the accessibility of the music. There is clearly a resultant denser quality of tone to the overall sound. Futher, there is an intensified the interplay of those tones, not only of total musical presentation, but of individual instrumentation as well. For example the tonal interplay of a guitar's strings and how they resonate with the guitar's body or a piano's tonal interplay of hammers, strings, and sound board are now vividly more apparent. Vocalists have taken on a greater three dimensionality and focus. The sound stage is wider. There is also more information that populates that widened stage. The aggregate result is that I now find myself connecting with the music on a much more intensely emotional level similar to what I have I have regularly experienced on my main system.

The sound is now so intense that at times it is outright distracting! I find that I stop working for a moment or two and just revel in the beauty of the song being played, whether the lyric, the vocalist, or the instrumentalist. I feel the fun, joy, sadness, sorrow, longing, splendor, pulse, and whatever other emotions the performers are expressing. An emotional connection to the music is a good thing, when you get right down to it, that is what this hobby is all about! The addition of the TRITON to my workshop has tremendously enhanced how I spend 25 hours of my life every week. I listen to the secondary system for many more hours than the primary system, and as such the TRITON was not only worth every penny that I had paid for it, when put on an hourly basis will prove to be a bargain!

All my appreciation!



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Blew myself away

I recently traded in my PS Audio cords for Shunyata cords and not only blew myself away, but my local shop in Eugene, OR as well. Thanks!

John L.


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Bringing us all into a new age

Hi Richard,

I believe rotating the cable 45 degrees will do the trick. The area behind my 3 stereo stands will look like the jungle when I have 1 Python and 3 or 4 Cobra's. I will call the area the snake pit. Feel free to post my comments on your website. The staff at Sound Hounds are very exited about your products as well. I can't wait to get the Cobra ΞTRON™ power cables and hopefully your speaker cable. I will order one every couple of months. The sound through my Simaudio Moon equipment and B & W 804 S speakers will be even more fantastic. Your work is truly bringing us all into a new age. Just maybe, the sound puzzle we have been working on all our lives is nearing completion.

Mike M.
Victoria, BC


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Caelin Gabriel did a fantastic job

Matt, Words cannot discribe how incredible the HYDRA MODEL-6 and the PowerSnakes sound. I don't know if I just happen to have the right combination of components but my sound stage is very 3 dimentional, absolutely incredible and tonal balance is perfect. Transient attacks are just explosive and precise. The low frequencies are tight deep and very solid. The high frequencies have that natural holographic harmonic resonance that you hear up close and personal as if they were live. Instruments such as cymbals actually sound as if they are a shower of sparks falling down right in front of you. Everything sounds warm, natural and very liquid, almost as if you were looking at your sound stage though a sheet of perfectly pure water. Stage positioning of instrumentation is very defined as well as delivering a very soft, precise presentation across the whole sound stage. Oh, and I forgot to mention, my system is dead quiet with no audible floor noise with the volume wide open (no music playing).

Caelin Gabriel did a fantastic job designing the HYDRA and Snakes. His electronic and electrical design principals are right on the money. The HYDRA is very simple, not bulky, non current restricting, and produces no heat or noise and has the most precise filtration points of any conditioner in the world. I have found that a direct AC line of twisted 8 gauge power wire from the electric panel with a dedicated 30 amp breaker at the top of the buss to the hubble connector in the rear of the HYDRA works extremely well. Shunyata has the best conditioning products in the world, no doubt about it.

Conditioning products used in the past:
Monster Power
PS Audio

Here are my system components:
Power Distribution : Shunyata HYDRA MODEL-6 with 5 DIAMONDBACK and 1 COPPERHEAD powersnakes
Tuner : Magnum DynaLab MD100 Phono : VPI scout with Benz Glider MCC and VPI Reference signal cable
Phono Preamp : Audio Research PH3SE
Digital : Theta Digital Data Basic with DSPro Prime II DAC connected with MIT Reference digital interconnect
Pre amplification : Spectral DMC 12
Power Amplification : Spectral DMA 90
Signal Cables : MIT AVT series1 for sources and MIT Shotgun 330 between pre and poweramp
Speaker Cables : MIT 750 HE +
Loudspeakers : Magnepan MG 2.7QR

Please feel free to use my system pictures and my review on your site.


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Clear improvements that are worth the price

So you know, I've had the DARK FIELD's in my system for five days now. Three under the PYTHON, three under the TAIPAN, the rest separating/lifting the interconnect (Alpha-Core Sapphire) and the speaker cable (Alphacore Boa).

There is no question they make a difference and that it's positive aross the board. More separation betwen voices and instruments, a broader, deeper soundstage, improved timbres, I could go on. Listening more holistically, the speakers basically vanish even better than before, and it's just much easier to forget it's a stereo I'm listening to.

All in all, clear improvements that are worth the price.

Matthew K.


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Demo'd it and became a believer

I am a physician scientist at Harvard and a skeptic when it comes to items such as power conditioners and power cords. I have read all the reviews stating how this makes the background quieter and the instruments clearer and more 3D like -- but that is what you read of the reviews of almost every high end piece of audio equipment.

My system consisting of a Spectral amp and pre-amp, MartinLogan speakers, MIT cables, and a Sonic Frontier D to A converter sounds rather fantastic. I decided to audition different power conditioners although I thought they help mostly with systems with background hums, etc (which mine doesn't have). Once the HYDRA 8 as in my system, it was if I was truly listening to a live performance. I can't believe it. The speakers truly evaporated. The goosebumps have almost gone down. I have listened over the past week to almost every CD I have -- it is unbelievable even if did leave me sleep deprived. Even my wife asked me why I didn't buy this sooner and she normally is not into stereo equipment and can't usually appreciate the differences when I change a component.

I have never sent any comments to a manufacturer but I felt I must contact you. You have truly transformed my audio experience. My only suggestion is that perhaps the HYDRA 8 needs to be a mandatory component of any moderate to high end stereo system. Otherwise, one may never realize what your system can truly do and where it can take you.

... BTW I was one of those who was skeptical about all the hype surrounding the HYDRA 8. Demo'd it and became a believer. I sincerely think it brought the equivalent of an power amp upgrade.

Your products and service are first rate.

Steven D. Freedman MD, PhD


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Enhanced enjoyment of the music

Hi Grant,

I am sure I've passed the 100 hour break-in time for the HYDRA MODEL-8, so time for an update.

Rarely do I wax on in audio hyperbole, but I have to say the HYDRA MODEL-8 is the single most positive addition I've made to my audio set up in the past two years (since I purchased the VAC 70-70 Renaissance MkIIIS amp). There is greater coherence to the music, increased delicacy, and absolute quiet to the background. For me, this adds up to enhanced enjoyment of the music. I get closer to the heart and soul of the artist.

Thanks for making such a fine product.

James May


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Everything got better!

Hello Richard Rogers,

So the DEFENDER went into my Maestros outlet in my office system 'just for the burn in period.' I listened and it sounded good. I removed a Furman power conditioner from the chain and plugged my amp directly into the Maestros outlet with the DEFENDER and I was amazed how great it sounded. Everything got better!!!

After eight days of burn-in, the sound became even more refined. So I will try the DEFENDER in my main system to evaluate; however, I will have to buy another DEFENDER if I like the results. My first DEFENDER stays in my office system forever.

You folks have great customer service.

John W.


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Everything is clearer making all the instruments sound better


You probably already know how good your products are, but just in case...

I just put a TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA power cord onto my CJ CT-5 preamp and wow. It replaced a Custom Power Company Eleven which I always figured was ok. I already had a 20 amp TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA and HYDRA 8 as well as HYDRA 2 with a Shunyata COPPERHEAD for my CJ Premier 12's. Linn LP12 / Ekos/Lingo/Akiva cartridge. Naim UnitiServe / Enightened Audio DSP-7000 (I know - ancient). Meadowlark Blue Heron speakers.

The TAIPAN on the CT-5 has been remarkable. These things are hard to describe, so I'll do my best: The music is suddenly much more palpable. The soundstage had always been behind the speakers and now it's at the plane of the speakers. Everything is clearer making all the instruments sound better. Records that were always a bit dull sounding on my system suddenly sound alive (eg... Allman's Eat a Peach). No negatives to top end, bass or rhythm/ pacing.

It's hard to believe that a power cord could make such a difference in a system, but it has. Best upgrade ever!

Thanks for reading.

David S.


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Excellent advice on selecting power cords


I just wanted to thank you for your patient listening and excellent advice on selecting power cords for my system. I ended up buying HYDRA V-RAY and two ANACONDA's, one for the amp and the other for HYDRA. Now I have the entire power distribution system from Shunyata with good combination of shielded and CX cables based on your feedback. The audio video experience has changed so dramatically that I have no words except WOW. We were planning to buy a new TV but now we feel there is no need.

Thanks again and convey my appreciation to your production team -- they are the best.

Akbar A.
Los Angeles, CA


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Fantastic product

I just connected the PYTHON ΞTRON® DIGITAL cable after about 200 hours of break in. I am usually pleased with a new component if there is some incremental revelation of new information. I have to say that with this cable in my pro studio monitoring system, a whole new LEVEL of information became apparent. Fantastic product.

Rob G.


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Give the guys at Shunyata a high-five for this one!

I installed the Shunyata TRITON in my system yesterday and have bee listening to it over the evening and through the day. As you recall I had the Shunyata HYDRA-8, ANACONDA/PYTHON power cabling, of which I have been extremely pleased, along with the latest ARC Reference gear and Wilson speakers. Out of the box the Triton's physical appearance and weight is truly impressive. More importantly though, the improved effects on power conditioning were clearly audible. The imaging, the palpable presence of voices and instruments, and the dynamic shifts in music were all improved. The bass was more extended and quicker. It felt as if my Reference Anniversary had more power and speed available to it through the TRITON. The background noise is indeed quieter on the TRITON. Well, as you can tell I'm sold on the new technology and what it delivers to my system. Thank you again for all your help in assisting me in the selection of these outstanding products. Give the guys at Shunyata a high-five for this one!

Len L.


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