Sony Music: Japan
The name says it all. At the very top level within Sony Music recording and mastering labs, no one is more exacting, more obsessive about sound and performance than the men in charge of their recording and mastering labs. Everything must be perfect, and cost is no object when it comes to recreating music and sound that is true to life. The top Japanese executives from Sony Music were exposed to Shunyata Research products during James Guthrie's re-mastering of Dark Side Of The Moon for SACD at Guthrie's Das Boot Studio. Mastering engineers Guthrie and Doug Sax endorsed Shunyata Research products to the principle executives from Sony Music, and facilitated the loan of Shunyata products for testing within Sony's Mastering systems. After lengthy testing, a series of Shunyata Research power-system products were purchased for use in Sony Music's mastering facilities. All music mastered within Sony Music's Japanese facility is now being mastered using Shunyata Research power-system products.Sony Music: Japan