Shunyata Research's SR-Z1 Outlets, are built by Hubbell to Shunyata Research's exacting specifications. These outlets have large internal contacts that provide superior contact integrity for power cords. Most all Ferrous metals have been removed from the SR-Z1 design, as have carbon materials, which Shunyata's independent tests have proven are detractive to optimal AC performance.
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Additionally, the body of the outlet is oversized, providing improved internal cooling capacity when under heavy current loads. All SR-Z1 outlets undergo Shunyata's proprietary Alpha Cryogenic Process. This unique cryogenic treatment is performed on-site at Shunyata Research's factory, and has proven superior to any other cryogenic treatment type that Shunyata Research has tested. The SR-Z1 outlets provide a critical contribution toward the award-winning performance of Shunyata's power-distribution products.

This is the same AC outlet used in HYDRA TRITON.
- Cryogenically treated
- Triple wipe solid brass contacts
- Extra large body for improved cooling

Use it as a replacement for the wall outlets that provide power to your sound system or home cinema.

- Rated: 120VAC 15A or 20A
- US NEMA: 5-15P