VENOM Series Signal and Speaker Cables are the result of technical innovation and custom-parts engineering, incorporating what we've learned from premier products into products that can be manufactured at lower cost.
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High quality signal cable performance is affordable.

- OHNO Continuous Cast Copper improves sound performance
- VTX™ Conductors (hollow-core) enhances clarity in the listening experience
- Premium Shunyata XLR and RCA Connectors for a snug fit
- 100% coverage braided shield to protect against RF
- Stunning Aesthetic makes for attractive presentation
- Flexibility makes them easy to manage
- Value that is affordable

High quality consumer sound playback systems, master pro-audio recording environments, and home cinemas.

- Gauge: 16 AWG Coaxial
- Capacitance: 63 pf/M
- Impedance: 0.028 Ω/M
- True Balanced Geometry
- 10 Gauge OFE 101 conductors
- OFE 101 certified Copper
- VTX (hollow tube conductors)
- 100% coverage electro-static aluminized mylar shielding
- Foamed PE Insulation /TPV Jacket
- OCC Continuous Cast Copper
- VTX™ Virtual Tube Conductors
- SPC silver braided shield
- Premium RCA Connectors
- Capacitance: 54 pf/M
- Impedance: .27 Ω/M
- OCC Continuous Cast Copper
- VTX™ Virtual Tube Conductors
- OFC Braided Shield
- Premium XLR Connectors
- Gauge: 16 AWG x 2 Twisted Pair
- PE Insulation / TPV Jacket
- Capacitance 54 pf/M
- Impedance: 0.27 Ω/M