Hydra Typhon QR Upgrade Program

As part of our on-going effort to support our most valued customers, Shunyata Research would like to announce a Factory Upgrade opportunity for all those who purchased the original Hydra Typhon.

Upgrade Pricing

Typhon v1 to Typhon QR: $3900 USD
Pricing includes all parts, materials and labor. Pricing does NOT include shipping, insurance, VAT, taxes, customs or any other local fees associated with shipping or import.

Payment may be made through VISA/MASTER CARD only.

What’s Included In The Upgrade

• Upgrade from NIC to QR/BB technology
• New chassis back panel
• Refurbished chassis powder-coating and silkscreen
• Refurbished faceplate or new if necessary
• SSF-50 (stainless steel feet)
• Accompanying Sigma Typhon Umbilical cable ($2500 USD value)


Who is eligible for the upgrade?
All US and Canadian customers in possession of a Typhon unit with a valid serial number and prior
warranty registration are eligible for the upgrade. If you did not send in a warranty registration card,
contact Customer Service to register your unit.

International Customers
We will accept Typhon upgrades from international customers. However, it is the responsibility of the
customer to pay all shipping, insurance, VAT and customs fees associated with the import and export
of the product.

What products are eligible for the upgrade?
• Typhon (blue chassis)
• Typhon (black chassis)

Procedure To Schedule An Upgrade

We will NOT accept unscheduled upgrades!

All upgrades are coordinated through our Customer Service Department.

Email a request to cservice@shunyata.com or call during business hours 360-598-9935.

You will need the following information:
• Customer Name
• Customer Billing Address
• Customer Shipping Address
• Serial number of the original unit
• What does the Typhon connect to – a Triton or an amplifier?

You will receive an RMA number and a scheduled upgrade date. You should arrange shipping such that the unit arrives at our location on or before the scheduled date. Be sure to put the RMA number on the outside of the box.

How long does the upgrade take?
The upgrade program requires a scheduled date for the upgrade to ensure that the service can be performed in a timely manner. Our expectation is that each unit will be fully upgraded and scheduled for return shipment within two weeks. The upgrade includes 4 days of Shunyata Research’s KPIP™ processing.

Shipping Procedures

Packing Materials
The unit should be shipped in its original box with ALL of the internal packing materials. Failure to ship the unit properly may result in damage to the unit and loss of warranty coverage. If you need new packing materials, contact Customer Service and we will send a new box. New packing materials: $40.00 USD.

Be sure the RMA number is prominently displayed on the outside of the box. Always put a copy of your contact information and Shunyata Research’s contact information on a separate paper placed
inside the box. This is in the event that the shipper damages the outside of the box.

Shipping Costs
The customer is responsible for all costs associated with the shipment to and from Shunyata Research,
FOB Poulsbo, WA. The customer should insure the unit for its full retail value.

Shipping Address
Shunyata Research
RMA#: [your RMA number]
26273 Twelve Trees Ln NW, Suite D
Poulsbo WA 98370

Phone: 360-598-9935
Business Hours: 7:30am — 3:30pm PST


All Typhon QR upgrades are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contact Information

Shunyata Research
Attn: Customer Service Department
26273 Twelve Trees Ln NW, Suite D
Poulsbo WA 98370

Email: cservice@shunyata.com
Phone: 360-598-9935 PST