For years, the term ‘cable science’ has been considered an oxymoron because little credible science existed to explain why audible differences were apparent in power cords, signal cables and digital cables. Shunyata Research is changing that perception through scientific research, precision measurements, patented technologies and the development of exclusive parts and materials.

Shunyata Research cable designs are based upon several simple design principles.The first and seemingly obvious principle is to ‘preserve and protect the signal’ – or simply, do no harm. Once the signal has been altered even subtly, it cannot be reconstructed. Cables in your audio system represent the longest path that a signal travels from source to destination. All cables degrade the signal to one degree or another, so care must be taken to preserve the original signal. For example, cables act as simple filters with a capacitive and inductive reactance; however, there are several more subtle forms of distortion that affect the signal, including: dielectric absorption; skin effects; current resonance; and electromagnetic polarization distortion. Taken together, these micro-distortions represent a significant loss of fidelity in sound.

The second principle is critical to the first: power and signal cable systems are surrounded by a sea of high-frequency RFI and EMI interference including radio, television, microwave, cell phones and wifi sources that can damage the signal. One of the primary, but often overlooked contributors to noise and interference are the electronic components themselves. This is a concept we call CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference). Noise generated by a component’s power supply and internal circuits may travel through the power lines via the power cords; or it may radiate between the power cords and interconnects. Shunyata Research cables are designed using specific technologies that will protect the delicate music signal from both conducted and radiated interference.

Unlike the majority of cable designs, every Shunyata Research cable is optimized to be application-specific, using patented technologies and proprietary parts designed to eliminate the noise and micro-distortions that will otherwise compromise the clarity, resolution and fidelity of the entertainment system.

Four Cable Looms

Shunyata Research has developed four highly specialized cable looms. Each cable family includes the following types of cables: speaker cable, speaker jumpers, RCA interconnect, XLR interconnect, phono cable, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, clock cable, USB cable and CGC/SGC grounding cables.

Moving from one level to the next confers higher levels of specialization, advanced technologies, construction techniques and conductor materials. We are proud to provide extensive explanations of the technologies, customized parts and specifications that go into the production of the products.

Products from each of Shunyata Research’s cable series are designed to complement one-another, ensuring perfect system compatibility and balance.

As the performance vanguard in the Shunyata Research cable line-up, SIGMA SERIES cables take the term state-of-the-art to an entirely new level with the introduction of two new cutting-edge technologies. Sigma Series interconnects include the Transverse Axial Polarizer (TAP) that minimizes a form of micro-distortion identified as electromagnetic polarization. The Sigma Series speaker cables incorporate a proprietary device called HARP that reduces current resonances within the cable, a concept that is  somewhat analogous to diffraction in room acoustics.
~ Patents Pending ~

ALPHA SERIES adds to the customization and technologies of the Delta Series with the internationally patented ΞTRON® technology. ΞTRON® measurably reduces dielectric distortion, rendering improvements in perceived coherency and low-level resolution. ΞTRON® technology is one of many reasons why Alpha Series Cables are used as performance references by recording and sound professionals.

DELTA SERIES builds upon the Venom Series high-quality features with advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics, larger VTX™ conductors, and superior connectors terminated using a high-tech sonic-welding process. The Delta power cords include Shunyata Research’s own CopperCONN® connectors made with pure copper contacts. The Delta is also the first in Shunyata Research’s NR Series of power cords to incorporate on-board CCI™ noise reduction filters. Finally, the Kinetic Phase Inversion Process – abbreviated KPIP™, makes its first appearance in the Delta Series. KPIP™ is more than just another break-in box; it is a truly transformative conditioning process that goes beyond simple burn-in. KPIP™ not only makes time consuming burn-in a thing of the past; it elevates the performance of the products to which it is applied.

VENOM SERIES signal cables include exotic Ohno (single crystal) copper and VTX™ (hollow core conductors). The award-winning Venom Series power cords feature massive OFE copper conductors, 100% coverage shielding and an array of power connectors designed using Shunyata’s own DTCD® Analyzer, which ensures superior instantaneous current delivery.