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Shunyata really stands behind their products

Shunyata really stands behind their products. They went above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied. I moved into a new home in a different part of the country. There were some electrical issues and wasn’t sure if my V-RAY was damaged. The unit was sent back for inspection. Then turnaround time for […]

Great customer service

Richard, HYDRA arrived today with no issues from shipping. 1. Used the new 20A power cord you sent (Belden) and plugged the HYDRA into same outlet as before. Powered up HYDRA and no issues. 2. Turned switch off on HYDRA, and plugged in all 6 components. Flipped the switch on the HYDRA and no issues. […]

Shunyata’s customer service is without peer

Hello Richard!! Thanks you for your help and consideration. Any company, manufacturer, etc.etc. is only as good…as viable…as secure in its’ standing…as the quality of the “customer service” provided to its’ customers. Shunyata’s products are among the very best available… Shunyata’s customer service is without peer. Best! Thom