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My system sounds significantly more relaxed and natural

I recently replaced all of my PS Audio power cords with Shunyata cords, and sold my Richard Gray Power Center in order to run the HYDRA MODEL-4. Wow. I’d always thought that adding clarity involved sacrificing musicality, particularly with rock recordings. No more. The Shunyata gear, across the board, broadened the soundstage, deepened and distinguished […]

The Best I’ve Ever Encountered, Period!

Thanks Richard, this is all very informative and I’m pleased to know that I’m getting the best you folks have to offer. As I think I may have mentioned previously, I’m using the King Cobra AC cords with my power amp and the V-Ray II (and now the Triton), Aurora balanced interconnects for both my […]

The sound quality was transformed

Dear Caelin, I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for those of us who enjoy listening to music. Over the past year I was introduced to Shunyata Research through Music Direct. I acquired ΞTRON® COBRA Power Cords to improve power delivery and the VENOM DEFENDER, DARKFIELD CABLE ELEVATOR’s and MINI’s to […]