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I was impressed

After a strong recomendation from a local dealer, I took the leap of faith and invested in your product. I was impressed with the TAIPAN VX / ALPHA and HYDRA MODEL-2 combination. It wasn’t till I added the TAIPAN HELIX to the mix, did I realize the full potential of this upgrade. The improvement in […]

Your system is part of my equipment setup

Dear Grant, As you know, I have personally evaluated your Power Conditioning HYDRA system with your PowerSnake cables. I was very impressed with the results. Your system is part of my equipment setup. Especially, with my 2 track tape machines. The sound with your system was definitely more transparent and clearer than the test without […]

Out of the box, they were amazing

Dear Grant, I recently upgraded my system this year [Rotel 1075 amp; Pioneer Elite VSX-55 TXi (using it as a pre/pro — liked it better than the Rotel 1068); Pioneer Elite DV47Ai; Definitive Technology 7002s (main) 2005 (centre) and BPX rears] and wanted a good power conditioner. After reading the many positive reviews on your […]

Please extend my appreciation

Having both the TAIPAN ALPHA and PYTHON ALPHA in my system (along with a HYDRA MODEL-8) I can tell you that I have not experienced such a predictable, consistent and reproducible result from any product-line in my experience. When I add a Shunyata product I have a reasonable idea how it will perform in the […]

The truth has been revealed…

Dear fellow audiophiles, After over a month of having the VENOM PS8, ALPHA HC 20 amp, ALPHA HC 15 amp and VENOM HC in my system, I am compelled to share some of my thoughts and observations. Without question, these components have raised my humble system to a level that I never thought possible. I […]

My system sounds significantly more relaxed and natural

I recently replaced all of my PS Audio power cords with Shunyata cords, and sold my Richard Gray Power Center in order to run the HYDRA MODEL-4. Wow. I’d always thought that adding clarity involved sacrificing musicality, particularly with rock recordings. No more. The Shunyata gear, across the board, broadened the soundstage, deepened and distinguished […]

The sound quality was transformed

Dear Caelin, I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for those of us who enjoy listening to music. Over the past year I was introduced to Shunyata Research through Music Direct. I acquired ΞTRON® COBRA Power Cords to improve power delivery and the VENOM DEFENDER, DARKFIELD CABLE ELEVATOR’s and MINI’s to […]