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SoundStage! Ultra Shunyata Research Hydra Alpha A12 Power Conditioner and Venom NR-V10 Power Cord

“The fact that Shunyata Research’s Hydra Alpha A12 power conditioner and Venom NR-V10 power cords got me that much closer to the state of the art for only about 5% of the cost of my system is a testament to what Caelin Gabriel and his company have accomplished.”

Surrounded: Rave Review of HYDRA MODEL-2 In A Multi-Channel System

Jeff Fritz: “But what really sets the Hydra Model-2 apart is its flexibility. When used in a multichannel system with equipment seemingly everywhere, the Hydra Model-2s make things easier, not more complex and restrictive as with some devices. You can sprinkle Hydra Model-2s where they’re needed most — just about anywhere.