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Audio Research Corporation

Audio Research is arguably the United States oldest and most respected manufacturer of high-performance tube electronics. Their award-winning products and dominant design history have set long-standing benchmarks for performance and value. The breadth of Audio Research product lines are almost incomparable, setting a consistent quality and high-performance standard few companies can aspire to. Audio Research […]

Balanced Audio Technology

An acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of two-channel and multi-channel electronics, Balanced Audio Technology has achieved a standard of quality and success most companies only hope for. Their entire line boasts multiple awards for design integrity, performance and value. From humble beginnings, Balanced Audio Technology has built their solid reputation through design innovation, […]

Bel Canto Design

Digital electronics manufacturer Bel Canto Design’s John Stronczer is one of the sharpest engineering minds in the business. Bel Canto first put the industry on notice by introducing digitally based amplifier and source electronics that offer superlative performance matched with unheard of value. Bel Canto’s multiple professional and media awards for performance and innovation speak […]

Constellation Audio

Constellation Audio is renowned in Australia and around the world as a leader in quality amplifier and audiophile components. Quite a few high-end audio companies are built around one talented engineer. To surpass the work of these companies, we knew we would need not one extraordinary talent, but many. Thus, we sought out the greatest […]

Focal France

Focal Loudspeaker products have garnered their incredible reputation through continuing innovations in driver design and through their obsessive commitment to research, development and quality craftsmanship. The Focal factory in France has become one of the world’s most complete facility for the testing and design of loudspeakers, drivers and exclusive parts that are manufactured and supplied […]


Meridian is one of the most respected manufacturers of digital electronics and speaker systems in the world, and has demonstrated the superiority of their products in both the professional and consumer markets. Meridian products have earned their place at the finest audio-visual dealers in the United States for a reason — the unparalleled value and […]

VTL Audio

VTL has earned an impeccable reputation as a manufacturer of top quality, performance oriented electronics for over 20 years, both in the professional and Home Entertainment industries. Under the exclusive direction of Luke Manley and Bea Lam, VTL has evolved into one of the world’s most sought-after lines of tube pre-amps and amplification products. Company […]

Wilson Audio

The Wilson name has long been synonymous with the state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design. Wilson loudspeakers possess intrinsic value and technology that have stood the test of time and improved dramatically along the way. As a result, Wilson speakers have become one of the most sought after references for the world’s foremost studios, engineers, reviewers and […]