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Digital Music Products Inc.

Since 1983 DMP has been producing the finest quality recordings for jazz lovers and audiophiles alike working with seminally gifted, but under appreciated musicians. In a world of over compressed and over processed recordings, DMP’s live-minimalists recording approach captures critical nuances and natural dynamics using the most direct and pristine electronic signal path possible. The […]

Remastering “The Dark Side of the Moon”

The reputations of Mastering Engineers Doug Sax and James Guthrie are beyond reproach. They are two of the most prolific and sought after mastering engineers in the recording industry, and their body of work is legendary. Doug Sax’s work includes recordings by James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Alison Kraus, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt, Tom […]

The SoundStage! Network

Long regarded as the most influential, experienced and respected high-end critical journal on the internet, SoundStage! magazine has evolved into one of the most credible and definitive review magazines in all of high-end audio — world wide. Editor-in-Chief Marc Mickelson, and Editor of SoundStage!’s “The World’s Best Audio System” journal, Jeff Fritz, own evaluation systems […]

The Absolute Sound Magazine

Credited by readers and music enthusiasts world-wide as the definitive critical journal for high end audio, The Absolute Sound’s editorial vision is clear: select and commercially expose those products that they find in each category represents the “absolute” best in performance and closest to “live music”. With over 60 years of high-end audio experience between […]

Steven Epstein, 12 time Grammy winner 6 time Grammy winner: “Classical Producer Of The Year”

Stephen Epstein is one of the most recognizable names in the professional recording industry. His stellar talents are showcased with Classical recording legends such as Yo Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Isaac Stern, Itzhak Perlman, Placido Domingo and countless others. He has earned a near record total of 12 Grammy awards, 6 for Classical Producer of […]

Stereophile Magazine

Recognized the world over as one of the most respected high-end audio authorities, Stereophile has a group of writers that represent a majority of the most experienced critics covering high-end audio products. Editor John Atkinson, columnist Michael Fremer and writer Wes Phillips represent what people in the high-end industry would term ‘household names’ in audio […]

Peter McGrath

Peter McGrath is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished recording engineers working in the world today, with a resume of recordings and top recording artists dating back some thirty years. Peter also manages the east coast sales division for premier US speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio. Peter McGrath thoroughly tested Shunyata Research’s HYDRA power […]

Memory Technology Japan uses Shunyata in Top Production Systems

Memory Technology is the largest CD/DVD manufacturer in Japan and one of the largest in the world, with over $100 million annual sales. Memory Technology is part of the largest trading firm in Japan, and also owns and runs music and video production companies. Memory Technology became aware of Shunyata Research products through Japanese Music […]