STIS Speaker Cable Termination

Shunyata Research’s STIS terminals were conceived of and designed by Caelin Gabriel to eliminate the cost and complication of re-terminating speaker cables due to a change in electronics or speakers, or in the event of damage to a connector. These interchangeable, locking connectors offer the flexibility to change the termination of the speaker cable without any compromise to performance or necessitating service of any kind.

Each pack contains 4 terminals.

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If a spade is damaged, you can simply replace it. If you buy a new amplifier or speaker that has different connections, you can simply exchange the existing connector for the one that matches your connection requirement.
These custom-designed connectors have undergone extensive development and field testing to insure that they offer the finest performance attainable, without compromise.

For new STIS v2 terminals (Banana & Combo Spade) –

  • Loosen or remove the retaining screw using a hex key.
  • Drop the existing connector out and add the new connector, lining up the retaining hole in the connector with the threaded hole on the cable’s STIS socket.
  • Screw in the retaining screw with the hex key to tighten and secure.

6mm & 8mm Spade STIS Terminals  screw on and off (see below for guidance). Tighten them finger tight for best results.


– Interchangeable terminal system
– Precision machined
– Gold plated


STIS are standard termination on all Shunyata Research speaker cables.

⁃ Change termination without having to send the cables back
⁃ Can the same cables with different amps or speakers
⁃ Repair a damaged terminal without soldering or need for a technician


– Combo Spade v2
– Banana v2
– Spade 6mm
– Spade 8mm