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Shunyata Research’s ANACONDA-S Interconnects are the shielded counterparts to the original, award-winning Ananconda interconnect cables and features Shunyata Research’s patent pending ΞTRON® Technology that measurably reduces signal transmission distortion.


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The ANACONDA -S are recommended for all systems, but especially those that have interconnect runs longer than 2 meters, or for electronics systems that exist in a high-noise environment or metropolitan area. The ANACONDA -S is available in both RCA and XLR terminations.

The Anaconda -S parts and materials are identical to those within the ANACONDA interconnect, but the -S version adds a high-quality 100% coverage shield that rejects RFI/EMI coming from the environment. There is an obvious perception of lowered noise and superior retrieval of low-level detail with the ANACONDA -S. This lowered noise and better resolved detail will be especially audible in noise sensitive analog systems or high noise producing digital systems where longer interconnects are required.

In A Nutshell

Shunyata Research scientist Caelin Gabriel’s extensive technical background and years of research deliver a true breakthrough technology that literally delivers reference quality sonics at a price that is affordable to the average audiophile. All of the Shunyata Research cable products that incorporate the ΞTRON® technology easily outperform cables that cost five, ten and twenty-times their price!

ΞTRON® Technology
Reduces signal transmission distortion.
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VTX Geometry
VTX conductors are in form a flexible tube which is the ideal geometry to minimize inductance and skin effect.

Safety Assurance
– Continuity and Polarity Tests – by two technicians
– HiPOT Tests for each cable
– Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 2,000 VAC

Shunyata Craftsmanship
– Each cable built by a single Craftsman – not on an assembly line
– Each cable signed by its Craftsman
– Fit and finish that is the standard of the industry


ANACONDA -S interconnects are ideal for long cable run applications or for noise-sensitive analog systems and even for high-noise production digital systems to keep radiated EMI at a minimum. The ANACONDA -S interconnects will perform better in short RCA or XLR cable runs as well but are only marginally more expensive.

The ANACONDA -S interconnect is ideal for high-end audio systems where the absolute finest level of performance is a requirement.


– 1.0M
– 1.5M
– 2.0M

Call for custom lengths

– Black

– Shunyata ΞTRON®
– 16 AWG Coincident Concentric Conductors
– 100% coverage RFI/EMI shield
– Cohergenic Conductors
– VTX Geometry
– CDA-101 Copper
– Alpha Cryogenic Processed

– Shunyata RCA
– Neutrik XLR Black

– Inductance: < .15uf/ft
– Capacitance: < 28pf/ft