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This product is no longer available.

The Z-PC10 is essentially a ΞTRON® α Series power cord but it has a much thinner body and uses small compact connects. The Z-PC10 is intended to offer a high-performance power cord option for components with narrow, or obscured IEC ports that require a narrow power cord IEC or a small conductor profile to make the connection.


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The Z-PC10 can slide through tight rack spaces, around sharp corners and navigate sharp bends with relative ease. This makes the Z-PC10’s application potential virtually limitless in any and all systems. It is available in two models with either the hybrid ΞTRON® α DIGITAL or α ANALOG circuit. Due to the small size of the connectors and the body of the cable it is not available in an HC version.

Please compare our power cables with the Component Selection Guide and Power Cord Comparison Chart.

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Component Selection Guide

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Power Cord Comparison Chart

In A Nutshell

– ΞTRON® Technology
– 10 AWG ΞTRON® Conductors
– CDA-101 Copper
– Small compact IEC connector
– Very flexible and thin
– Easy to route in cabinets


Components that are ideal for the Z-PC10 include any type of amplification or source components whose IEC connections represent a challenge to traditional high-performance power cord connections. These components include but are not limited to the Devialet line of electronics and certain components from Pass, Linn, Naim and some others that have narrow or obscured IEC ports. The Z-PC10 is also the perfect fit behind cabinetry that require power cords bend at sharp angles or make tight turns through small openings.


– 6.0 feet (1.75M)

– Black

– .5 inches (12.77mm)

– Shunyata ΞTRON®
⁃ 10 AWG Coincident Concentric Conductors
⁃ CDA-101 Copper
⁃ Alpha Cryogenic Processed

– Hybrid ΞTRON® Digital Filter

– Max Voltage (US): 90-240 VAC (connector dependent)
– Max Voltage (Asia): 90-240 VAC (connector dependent)
– Max Voltage (Euro): 240VAC (connector dependent)
– Maximum Instantaneous Voltage: 1250 VAC

– US P20
– Germany Schuko
– UK
– Australia
– Swiss

Call for custom terminations

– IEC-C15: Schurter compact (UL Listed, CE Mark)
– IEC-C19: Hubbell C19 (UL Listed, CE Mark)
– US NEMA P15: Shunyata CopperCONN™ P15 (UL Listed)
– EU CEE-7/7: Shunyata CopperCONN™ EU (VDE, CE Mark)
– UK-1: Shunyata CopperCONN™ (United Kingdom BSI)

– Max continuous current: 20 Amps (connector dependent)
– Max instantaneous current: >200 Amps (800ms)

– Polarity and continuity tests x2 (each cable tested)
– HiPOT Test: 2,000 VAC @ 5s (each cable tested)
– Insulation Breakdown Test: >4,000 VAC @ 2 minutes