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This product is no longer available.

The Alpha EF uses the same 8 gauge VTX™ (hollow-core) conductors from the Alpha NR but is extremely flexible with its Tri-Flex, Extreme Flexibility design. The exclusive CopperCONN® EF-C15 allows connections to obstructed AC inlets. KPIP™ eliminates burn-in issues.

Standard length of cable is 1.75 meters.
Please contact regional distributor for custom lengths.


Where indicated, price is for the US only.
For non-US customers, please contact regional distributor for pricing.

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The Alpha EF power cord was created for applications that have a restricted area component or speaker IEC entry point, or those applications that benefit from the Alpha EF model’s greater flexibility. The Alpha EF model uses a slender, solid-copper contact female connector that will fit into even the most narrow area component IEC opening. In terms of parts and material quality, the Alpha EF Model power cord is identical to its sibling Alpha NR power cord in every respect except two areas. Alpha EF power cords do not have the NR model’s built-in filter networks, which require a round barrel IEC headshell. Alpha EF model power cords are also made without the hollow external tube used for the Alpha NR, making the EF model narrower and extremely flexible so that it can be routed around any tight corner. The Alpha EF offers exceptional performance when used with all electronics and speakers that require either greater flexibility in the body of the power cord, or a slender IEC connector to make an unobstructed connection to a component or speaker system

Examples of restricted area IEC electronics and speakers that would benefit from EF model power cords are some models of Vandersteen speaker, Devialet electronics, Pass Lab’s Aleph models

General Application recommendations: Shunyata Research Hydra Denali power conditioners, Amplifiers with restricted area IEC, Pre-amplifiers, active speakers etc.

OFE 8 gauge, VTX™ geometry, Tri-flex.
Connectors: EF-C15, C19; Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK and Swiss.