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The Venom V14 power cables represent a very cost effective entry point into the world of high performance power cords. Many of today’s consumer electronics require miniature AC power input connectors.  This can make it difficult to upgrade the power cords for these components. Shunyata Research has developed its own set of custom miniature connectors for the Venom V14 to accommodate all three types of mini-connectors including the C7, C7p and C5 types.
Shunyata Research invests heavily in research and development, affording even our least expensive products the quality and performance that have made our reference products worldwide standard bearers.  Venom V14 Series power cords are engineered to deliver on Shunyata’s promise of exceptional value and performance.
Recommended applications: Ideal applications include all source audio components like preamplifiers and CD players in addition to the devices that require mini-connectors like: TVs, music-servers, DVD players, CD players, up-samplers, digital transports, wall warts, and power bricks.
Other cables to consider: The Venom HC v2 with its 10 gauge conductors is highly recommended for use with Shunyata Research’s power conditioners and for high power power amplifiers. For even better performance with CD player, DACs and other source components we highly recommend Shunyata Research’s Venom V10 NR noise reduction power cord. And for very noisy devices that use SMPSs like: computers, monitors, ethernet switches and power bricks we highly recommend the  Venom V14 Digital power cable.

Every facet of the Venom V14 power cord has been refined to deliver measurably superior Dynamic Transient Current Delivery.  DTCD™ Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata Research uses it to optimize the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance. Each part, conductor, noise circuit and material inside the Delta allows for maximum throughput of instantaneous current. 

Listeners will experience earth-shaking low-frequency performance from even the highest-current amplifiers as well as dynamic contrasts unheard of outside of a live event.  More than any other design parameter, Shunyata Research’s skill at reducing impedance and improving dynamic instantaneous current is unparalleled.


Shunyata Research uses only the highest purity of copper available for the production of its wire products.  OFE Alloy 101 or C10100 is the highest grade of copper with a minimum 99.99% purity and a conductivity rating of 101% IACS. OFE stands for oxygen-free electrolytic and supersedes the term OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity).  C10100 is the only grade of copper that comes with a written certification of purity.

Certified by ASTM F68 C10100


Fluorocarbon dielectrics are usually only found in wire used in the aerospace industry, satellites and only the most expensive audiophile cabling. It has special electrical characteristics; very low dielectric absorption, high dielectric strength and exceptional heat resistance.  When used in power cables is reduces the perception of dynamic compression and reduces blur and slur of transients.


The Venom V14 features audiophile-grade, molded connectors made from high-grade brass with the ability to accept 14 gauge power conductors.  The connectors are completely sealed with a potting compound that protects the contacts and wires from corrosion. This also prevents any possibility of the wires becoming loose over time.

Hermetically Sealed

Shunyata Research plugs are filled with an electrically inert compound that protects the contacts and wires from corrosion.  The compound also ensures that the wires cannot become loose, fray or pull out from the head shell.  This guarantees a lifetime of reliable performance that does not degrade over time.


Venom V14 power cords receive the same proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process treatment developed for our Reference Line power cables.

Four days of continuous KPIP™ processing dramatically reduces burn-in time and significantly improves sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation.


The unparalleled craftsmanship and build quality of Shunyata Research products is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The new Venom Series power cords are prime examples of our commitment to superb performance backed by exceptional quality, warranty, and customer support.

— Valid only in the US and Canada —

Shunyata Research stands alone as the industry leader in patented power technologies
and measurably superior performance.




Wire: OFE 14 gauge
Dielectric: PVC

Shunyata Research Connectors

Molded Hermetically Sealed
Solid brass contacts (not folded metal)
Nickel plating for corrosion protection
Superior contact grip
Crimped and soldered connections

IEC: C5, C7, C7P or C13
AC plug: US NEMA type only

Safety Assurance

Continuity and Polarity Tests – by two technicians
HiPOT Tests for each cable
Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 4,000 VAC


Length: 1.75 meters

NOTE: No custom lengths available