Venom V14 Series

Shunyata Research invests heavily in research and development, affording even our least expensive products the quality and performance that have made our reference products worldwide standard bearers.

Venom V14 Series power cords are engineered to deliver on Shunyata’s promise of exceptional value and performance.

Standard length of cable is 1.75 meters.

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The Venom V14 uses pure oxygen-free electrolytic copper and 14 AWG  conductors with a 100% coverage shield that provides exceptional RFI/EMI immunity. The Venom V14 connectors are Shunyata Research’s custom molded connectors that are crimped and soldered for optimal DTCD®. They are 1.75M in length and available in a variety of connector options including the popular mini power connectors.

The Venom V14 is the perfect choice for many home entertainment systems including TVs, blu-ray players, pre-amps, portable devices, and other source components.


The Venom V14 Digital is a highly specialized power cord that has an internal multi-stage noise-filtration circuit that was designed specifically for computer-based music systems. This powerful filter removes noise and interference from both the power line as well as from noise generated by the components themselves. Ideal applications include all computer peripherals and video processors including; computers, music-servers, NAS arrays, routers, switches, monitors, clocks, up-samplers, digital transports, wall warts, and power bricks.

For high-current amps, pre-amps, DAC’s, and other analog electronics — customers should consider the Venom NR-12 or Venom NR-10 power cords for best performance.

The Venom V14 Digital is only available with US-style AC plugs and is 1.75 meters in length. It is available with a variety of component connectors including: standard C-13 and mini-power connectors (C7, C7P, C5).


The Venom V14 Adapters allow you to convert any standard C-13 power cord to the most popular mini-power connectors.  Adapters are available in three models: C13-C7, C13-C5 and C13-C7 (polarized).

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Considering the quality, performance, affordability, and wide connector options provided by the Venom V14 power cords, there is no longer any reason to use inferior commodity power cords in your high-performance home entertainment system.

Shunyata Research is committed to providing the absolute finest value products and the Venom V14 and Venom V14 Digital are the finest examples of that investment in quality.


Cable Specification

– 1.75M V14 Standard
– 1.75M V14 Digital
– Dark blue w/ white stripe
– 0.38 inches (9.7mm)
– 14 gauge x 3 conductors
– OFC oxygen free copper
– 100% shield for RFI/EMI immunity

VENOM V14 Digital (exclusive)

– CCI™ Noise Filter
– Multi-stage array
– Greater than 12 dB @ 1 MHz noise reduction

Shunyata Designed Connectors

– Solid brass contacts (not folded metal)
– Nickel plating for corrosion protection
– Superior contact grip
– Crimped and soldered connections
– IEC C5, C7, C7P or C13
– AC plug: US NEMA type only

DTCD® Tested

– Designed using the Shunyata Research DTCD® Analyzer
– Ensures maximum instantaneous current capacity

Safety Assurance

– Continuity and polarity tests by two technicians
– HiPOT tests for each cable
– Cable spools tested for insulation breakdown @ 4,000 VAC