STIS Speaker Cable Termination

Shunyata Research’s STIS terminals were conceived of and designed by Caelin Gabriel to eliminate the cost and complication of re-terminating speaker cables due to a change in electronics or speakers, or in the event of damage to a connector. These interchangeable, locking connectors offer the flexibility to change the termination of the speaker cable without any compromise to performance or necessitating service of any kind.

Each pack contains 4 terminals.


If a spade is damaged, you can simply replace it. If you buy a new amplifier or speaker that has different connections, you can simply exchange the existing connector for the one that matches your connection requirement.
These custom-designed connectors have undergone extensive development and field testing to insure that they offer the finest performance attainable, without compromise.

The STIS Terminals simply screw on and off. Tighten them finger tight for best results.


– Interchangeable terminal system
– Precision machined
– Gold plated


This is standard termination on all Shunyata Research COBRA, PYTHON and ANACONDA speaker cables.

⁃ Change termination without having to send the cables back
⁃ Can the same cables with different amps or speakers
⁃ Repair a damaged terminal without soldering or need for a technician

– Spade 6mm
– Spade 8mm
– Spade Combo
– Banana