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Overall easy to listen to

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard, As you know, I have commented on your wonderful power conditioning products in the past. I am fortunate to have a dedicated purpose built listening room, which includes ten dedicated lines that run in close proximity from an isolated and separately earth grounded sub panel with a very high grade […]

I have no words except WOW

Grant, I just wanted to thank you for your patient listening and excellent advice on selecting power cords for my system. I ended up buying HYDRA V-RAY and two ANACONDA’s one for the amp and the other for HYDRA. Now I have the entire power distribution system from Shunyata with good combination of shielded and […]

An Interesting Way of Looking at Evaluating Equipment Quality

Caelin Gabriel, founder of Shunyata Research, visited my listening room yesterday to hear his new CX Series power cords in my system. Shunyata makes the state-of-the-art in AC power conditioning and AC power cords, at least in my experience. Their HYDRA V-RAY power conditioner and PYTHON AC cord won our Product of the Year Award […]