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I am simply shocked by the improvement

…I first installed the HYDRA MODEL-2… keeping in mind your recommendation to elevate and isolate the unit.I’ve since made enough room to put the HYDRA on its feet with the help of 3 small aluminim cones. Well, you guys weren’t kidding. The detail, soundstage and bass detail improved ten fold. I am simply shocked by[…]

I took the leap of faith and invested in your product

After a strong recomendation from a local dealer, I took the leap of faith and invested in your product. I was impressed with the TAIPAN VX/ALPHA HYDRA MODEL-2 combination. It wasn’t till I added the TAIPAN HELIX to the mix, did I realize the full potential of this upgrade. The improvement in the micro dynamics[…]

Absolutely fantastic

I’ve evaluated your products and found them absolutely fantastic (TAIPAN VX, ALPHA and HYDRA MODEL-2). They smoked my Transparent PowerIsolator4 and Analysis PowerOval combo. I ordered right away 1m PYTHON VX for my cd-player (Bow Technologies Wizard 24/192), PYTHON ALPHA for my integrated (Bow Wazoo 50W no negative feedback-design, very tube sounding integrated) and two[…]

Everything is clearer making all the instruments sound better

Hello, You probably already know how good your products are, but just in case… I just put a TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA power cord onto my CJ CT-5 preamp and wow. It replaced a Custom Power Company Eleven which I always figured was ok. I already had a 20 amp TAIPAN HELIX ALPHA and HYDRA 8[…]