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I highly recommend the SR-Z1 to anyone…

Hi, I just received the PYTHON ordered from you by Sound Hounds in Victoria, BC. It is a bit hard to install unless I twist the cable so it will lie in a reasonable position and still hook up from my Oyaide outlet to my PS Audio Premier regenerator. How much can it be twisted […]

I, and my tone, are forever in your debt

Hi Richard, My name is Tom and I am a user of Shunyata Products. I use the SR-Z1 hi-end outlet and the COPPERHEAD power cable. Here is the result of my many years of trying to achieve the best possible tone that I can from my musicial equipment. As a guitarist, my main concern is […]

A tremendous difference to the sound quality

Richard, Thanks for taking the time to talk the other day. As I mentioned in my conversation, I currently own the Shunyata ZR-1 and the SIDEWINDER VTX power cable (on the Oppo) and both have made a tremendous difference to the sound quality of my system (Pioneer SVX54, Oppo BDP83se, B&W 805, JL Audio Phantom, […]