Philosophy, People & Products

Learn about the design creativity and philosophy behind Shunyata Research’s products.

ΞTRON® Demonstration

Shunyata Research is a manufacturer of high-end, audiophile grade power systems and cabling products. This video is a demonstration of a patent pending ΞTRON® technology that improves signal transmission in audio and digital cables.

DTCD® Concept

Caelin Gabriel explains and demonstrates through measurement, the foundational design concept behind Shunyata Research’s electrical system products. DTCD® is Shunyata's acronym for the manner in which audio-video components draw power and how its parts and materials are designed to improve connectivity.

CCI™ Concept

Shunyata Research's Grant Samuelsen and Caelin Gabriel explain the nature of audio components' interference and how Shunyata Research products offer a solution.

Custom Parts Materials

Shunyata CEO Caelin Gabriel demonstrates a central reason behind the success of Shunyata Research power cord products by examining the differences between Shunyata’s own conductor types and that of common power cords. A rare glimpse into one of the key components inside Shunyata products.

Hydra DPC-6

The Shunyata Research DPC-6 utilizes a unique design to reduce the high-frequency noise generated by digital systems, isolating them from all other components in an audio or video system.

DPC-6 Noise Test

The Shunyata Research DPC-6 is a passive approach to reducing noise from digital as well as analog audio components.

Hubbell SR-Z1 Outlets

Shunyata CEO, scientist Caelin Gabriel explains the significance of electrical outlet connections in current delivery and explains why superior-grade outlets are recommended for the purposes of current delivery to high-performance audio and video systems.