Typical marketing wisdom holds that if a company produces a well-engineered product that performs beyond expectations and proceeds to win over consumers, then that same company stands an excellent chance of bringing other products to market that will find commensurate success. Hence the perennial popularity of Baby G. watches, Mickey Mouse cartoons, Adidas sneakers, and Pez candy.

~ Ken Micallef, Reviewer at the SoundStage! Network

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Constellation Series ARIES Interconnects & LYRA Speaker Cables

I know there are plenty of people for whom talk of interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords is a bunch of hooey. Well, they should give the folks at Astoria Studio in London a call. That's where David Gilmore of Pink Floyd fame does his thing. Or they can give Doug Sax and James Guthrie a call -- when they're done re-mastering Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon for SACD, that is. If they are still not satisfied, they can try the Crest National SACD replication plant.

~ Greg Petan, Reviewer at the SoundStage! Network

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Great aftersale service

A big THANK YOU to all the people at Shunyata!

I have sent my Shunyata ARIES S (bought second hand) for repair to you. The former owner had done some bad soldering. The repair was done under warranty (yes, for a long discontinued product). And it was returned to me in a bright new Shunyata box with the best care (sealed and cushioned).

The repair (resoldering the XLR-contacts) was excellent done and the communication (with Cassandra) through Email was spot on and pleasant.

Thank you all, for the great aftersale service.

Greatings from Holland, Land of Amsterdam, wooden shoes, tullips and a very satisfied owner of an ARIES S.

Rene K.


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