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Shunyata Research's history in power cord design is well documented and has become legend. Steeped in science and measurement, Shunyata Research pioneered the technologies and defined the value of it's after-market power cords; not only in high-end audio and recording systems, but also in the medical industry. Every part and material within Shunyata Research power cords is custom designed and manufactured to measurably reduce noise (CCI link) and improve the efficiency of dynamic current flow to electronics (DTCD link). The results of more than two decades of research and design experience are several series of high-value power cords that measurably reduce noise and improve access to instantaneous current.

Shunyata Research has invested massive intellectual and financial resources in creating it's own series of AC connectors, AC conductors and the discrete multi-element filter systems implemented within its "Noise Reduction" model power cords.  Shunyata Research's NR model power cords reduce noise by a stunning >12dB, making them popular for recording systems as well as the finest listening and film systems in the business. Applications of Shunyata power cord designs include noise-sensitive heart-surgery systems and delicate mastering systems, such as the one used by James Guthrie to re-master Dark Side Of The Moon for the 5.1 mix on SACD. When it comes to performance-oriented power cords, Shunyata Research is in a category and proven class of design all by itself.

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