Professional Comments

VENOM-X Speaker Cable reviewed by Soundstage

“The presentation was still extremely clear, with a fast and transparent sound, and deep, yet highly articulate bass… Listening more carefully after the Shunyata speaker cables had been in my system for a few days, and then over many weeks, I was impressed at how they brought out all of the complex details in recordings without coloring the sound in any way. “

– Roger Kanno, Soundstage, November 1, 2022


Everest & Omega Clock 75 // Mastering Studio

The Shunyata Everest made a drastic improvement in my mastering studio. Previously, I had been using a symmetrically balanced power transformer in my system. It also made a very nice improvement, but the Everest was a remarkable improvement in clarity, depth, 3d imaging, and musicality. When switching back to the old system it just sounded like a layer of grain and smearing was present. Switching back to the Everest made that grain non existent. The clarity is fantastic and does not fatigue your ears in any way. Music sounds more detailed and rich. I’ve also added the Omega BNC 75 ohm clocking cable to clock my system which further improved all elements of my system. Bass is deeper and tighter, soundstage and image are wider and much more vast.

Mike Nolte / Eureka Mastering

Hydra Sigma S12, Sigma, Alpha, Delta : In Search of a Deeper Space

Mastering mostly non-vocal electronic ambient music presents many challenges, but perhaps nothing more than presenting the music with as much of an organic, almost acoustic quality that results in a transparent, immersive, compelling listening experience. 

Utilizing a wide array of tools that include the best of both analog and digital processors, and maximizing their sound potential in each case, greatly enhances the results and is a necessary step toward the total sonic possibilities of the project. 

One very significant component of achieving this goal is attention to every aspect of the wire interconnection, and power distribution. We have given great care to evaluating and installing the highest quality connectivity to help facilitate the desired result.  

Perhaps the most obscure of this has to do with power. After careful consideration – and listening comparisons – we exclusively use power solutions offered by Shunyata Research, fundamentally centered around their Hydra Sigma S12 Distribution unit and connected with Sigma, Alpha, and Delta power cables. We have consistently found an overall improvement to the depth and dimension of the audio we produce, bringing us so much closer to our goal of the deeper listening experience.
~ Howard Givens
Mastering Engineer
Spotted Peccary Music

Venom V12 NR

Hello Richard,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone on your team for helping to resolve the issue I had with my clients power cable. After this experience I feel even better about the (6) Venom power cables I have purchased for use in my demo monitoring system and will without hesitation recommend Shunyata products to my recording studio clients for its performance, build quality and of course support. I have shipped back the loaner cable to you today. Thanks again for the help and support.

Alex Otto-OSW Audio

Astoria Studio

Located in the United Kingdom, Astoria Studio is widely recognized as one of the most respected recording studios in the world. Owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Astoria has served as recording venue to some of the most renowned recording artists in the music industry. Anyone familiar with the state-of-the-art production values on Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell, and David Gilmour in Concert 2002 DVD, can appreciate the meticulous nature with which the Pink Floyd albums are put together. Astoria Studio’s principles are renowned for reviewing every aspect of their recording chain continually. It was this perfectionist approach that led Astoria to seek out and implement Shunyata Research’s Hydra power distribution systems, PowerSnakes power cables and Aeros Series signal cables to their state-of-the-art recording equipment. Astoria’s principle engineers actively endorse Shunyata Research products to other studios and mastering engineers and have paved the way for may subsequent Shunyata studio applications.

We conducted a series of listening test to both the Shunyata cables and the HYDRA power conditioner. Our comparison point included both standard mains cables and other esoteric cables. We found that both the Shunyata cables and the HYDRA gave the best results by some margin.

Phil Taylor, Studio Manager at Astoria Studio: UK

We were particularly impressed with the sense of phase coherence that Shunyata products delivered, giving noticeably better imaging, depth and clarity. We tried many different areas of our signal path, all benefited. With digital sources it was almost as if we had switched from 44.1k/16 bit to 96k/ 24 bit. We now run all our analogue machines, workstations and the mixing console from the Shunyata equipment.

Andy Jackson, Senior Mastering Engineer Astoria Studio: UK

Rick Rubin, Grammy-Winning Record Producer

As a multiple Grammy winning music producer of recording artists such as Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Jay Hawks, Neil Diamond, Public Enemy and many others, Rick Rubin has earned his reputation as the most versatile and gifted producer working in the music and recording industry.

Rick Rubin encountered Shunyata Research products in many rooms at the CES trade exhibits in 2004, and inquired about an evaluation. After extensive testing and comparisons, Rick adopted Shunyata Research’s products for use in his home listening, testing and recording systems. Rick remains one of the most outspoken advocates for Shunyata Research products within the studio and recording community.

Shunyata Research power cables and interconnects made a remarkable difference in my reference system. The PowerSnakes power cables added effortless muscularity, control and wide-open clarity to the amps driving my speakers. These are not subtle tweaks. I would guess the amps sound 15 percent better — a far bigger difference than any speaker cables have made and in many cases, as unbelievable as it may seem, a greater improvement than changing the whole front end. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Rick Rubin, Grammy-Winning Record Producer: USA

Sony Music Studios

Sony Music in New York is one of the United States most respected recording, mastering and post-production studios. Sony Music’s Mastering icons Vlado Meller and Steven Epstein thoroughly tested Shunyata Research products with their Recording and Mastering systems and were immediately impressed with the significant reduction in background noise. Both Vlado Meller and Steven Epstien have since added Shunyata Research products as a part of their mastering and sound check systems.

I have personally evaluated the HYDRA power conditioning system along with your PowerSnakes power cables. I was very impressed with the results. Shunyata Research products are now part of my equipment set up. Especially, with my 2 track tape machines, the sound with your system was definitely more transparent and clear. I would highly recommend Shunyata Research products to any professional audio/video facility.

Vlado Meller, Senior Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Studios: USA

Phil Demetro uses Shunyata in the Mastering Process

Considered Canada’s premier mastering facility, Lacquer Channel works with many of the world’s most renowned recording artists, including U2, Bryan Adams, Holly Cole and many others. These top artists sought out Lacquer Channel because of their reputation as Canada’s most well-equipped and professional recording and mastering facility.

Lacquer Channel mastering engineer Phil Demetro discovered Shunyata Research products through a local dealer, and discovered that the HYDRA and POWERSNAKES products significantly improved the resolution of their mastering and playback systems of which they are now a permanent part. Lacquer Channel actively recommends Shunyata products to their contacts in the mastering and recording industries.

After trying numerous top shelf brands of power distribution and IC’s for my mastering facility, only the Shunyata Research HYDRA’s and PowerSnakes remained as a vital part of my signal path and playback system. It’s never been so easy to achieve the great sound that I have been striving for — I no longer have to reach for my equalizers to find space for the details that I now have in spades. Lower noise levels let me get deeper into a mix without sacrificing power to my equipment. No anemic sounds here! Just music that always sounds right. I want to re-master my whole discography now!

Phil Demetro, Mastering Engineer at The Lacquer ChannelReviewer: Toronto, Canada

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Reference Recording Studios

Along with the New York Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is regarded as arguably the finest and most skilled group of musicians in the world. With multiple recordings to their credit and complete sound studios the Vienna Orchestra treat every portion of their performances and recordings with extreme care and attention to detail.

After learning of the reputation of Shunyata Research products throughout Europe and within other top recording studios, executive Peter Poltun sought out samples of Shunyata products for testing. Their results followed those of every other studio that has evaluated Shunyata Research products.

All of us associated with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are extremely pleased with the results gained from using the Shunyata Research HYDRA and power cords in our reference recording studios. These outstanding, musical products have enhanced our recordings and made it easier for our musicians to hear the detail of their instruments!

Peter Polten, Manager: Vienna, Austria

Clayton Wood of Skywalker Ranch uses Shunyata in Audio Post-Production

Easily one of the most complete and lavish film and recording studios in the world, SkyWalker Ranch needs little introduction. SkyWalker Sound is the division of SkyWalker Ranch responsible for all audio, sound-effects, post production audio, IMAX sound and multi-format audio.

SkyWalker sound has garnered 14 Academy Awards since its inception, as well as multiple media awards for quality and sound innovation. SkyWalker Sound is also a complete scoring and recording studio that records renowned artists such as Amy Grant, Herbie Hancock, Faith Hill and countless others.

Principal recording and scoring engineers Tim McGovern and Clayton Wood evaluated Shunyata Research’s products within their scoring and recording systems, and found them to dramatically reduce noise and buzzing that was obvious prior to the Shunyata application. SkyWalker Sound is now using Shunyata Research products within their scoring stages and playback/testing systems.

We first put the HYDRA to test on a monitor system that had problems with noise and clarity. The result was less noise with an improvement in overall sound quality. We now use the HYDRA’s on our Model 2 converters, AES router and main monitor system consisting of B&W 802 speakers and Chord Amps.

Clayton Wood, Senior Engineer: USA

Brett Allen: An Integral Part of a Listening System

Upon casual inspection, one might wonder whether Look Out Sound Studios was named after its scenic Montana surroundings or its astounding recording facilities. An overview of Lookout’s principal mastering and playback systems will make the name far less ambiguous. Look Out owner Brett Allen spared no expense in assembling the finest Direct Stream Digital recording systems and playback equipment in the world. Look Out utilizes the state-of-the-art Genex DSD hard drive systems, as well as the Solid State Logic 9048K XL, the top 5.1 analog mixing console in the world. Look Out sports the finest recording, mastering and playback equipment, including multiple pairs of Wilson Audio’s Statement speaker systems, the X2 Alexandrias. Halcro amplification and digital playback systems from Meitner labs complete Look Out’s monitor and playback systems. The name Look Out is obviously intended to serve notice that reference-quality recording and mastering is alive and well in Montana.

Look Out’s Bret Allen was referred to Shunyata Research power-systems by the principals of Halcro, Wilson Audio and VTL, who use Shunyata products within their own testing and playback systems. After extensive tests and comparisons, Look Out Studios purchased an entire series of Shunyata Research power-system products based on the performance they offered within recording and playback systems.

We are using various Shunyata products to further our quest for the best signal path in tracking, mixing, and mastering. The HYDRA MODEL-2 and HYDRA MODEL-6 on various vintage guitar amps and vintage analog keyboards have made a world of difference in clarity and punch. We are using the PYTHON line for our 24-track tape machine, DACs, tube preamps, and tube microphone power supplies. On the power amps we have the TAIPAN line. Again I have noticed more definition in the transients. Overall I think that Shunyata products are an integral part of taking the critical listening system to the next level.

Brett Allen, Studio Manager at Look Out Sound Studios: Montana, USA

Crest National Studios

Located in Hollywood, California, Crest National is one of the largest music and film industry studio chains in the United States. Crest National consists of motion picture film labs, digital restoration services, DVD authoring and design, editing, sub-mastering and media encoding, among a host of other professional services. They are a partner of Philips International and remain one of the world’s top providers of DVD Audio and CD replication. Due to their exceptional reputation and prolific manufacturing capability, Crest National was selected by Philips to be the only United States SACD replication plant.

Crest National’s fanatical dedication to quality control led them to construct a state-of-the-art 5.1 channel quality control playback studio. Crest spared no expense to obtain the finest electronics from Halcro (amplifiers), Meitner Labs (switching controls) and Eggleston Works (speakers). Based on the recommendations of top studio executives and mastering engineers, Crest sought out an evaluation of a complete Shunyata Research power and signal cable system. At the conclusion of their testing, Crest purchased Shunyata Research’s entire system of power and signal distribution products, and commented on the significant impact Shunyata products had on the resolution of their state of the art system.

I’ve run out of words to describe the effect Shunyata Research has had on the SACD experience in our studio. From the mass and quality of the HYDRA power distribution center with it’s dynamic openness, the clarity gleaned from the ANACONDA ALPHA/ANACONDA VX, and the direct detail obtained from the interconnects and speaker cables. Shunyata Research has put a very positive signature on Crest National’s, Hollywood reference listening experience.

Jon Truckenmiller, Sr. VP Engineering of Crest National Studios: Hollywood, CA USA

Memory Technology Japan uses Shunyata in Top Production Systems

Memory Technology is the largest CD/DVD manufacturer in Japan and one of the largest in the world, with over $100 million annual sales. Memory Technology is part of the largest trading firm in Japan, and also owns and runs music and video production companies.

Memory Technology became aware of Shunyata Research products through Japanese Music Industry contact Maiko Nagae. After critical evaluations were performed, Memory Technology ordered Shunyata Research power-system products for use in their top testing and production systems.

Memory Technology: Japan

New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra

To put this into context, I am a trustee of the Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey. I have played several instruments and now frequently listen to live jazz and classical instrumental and vocal performances. My goal in a stereo system is to reproduce the actual performance and its environment as closely as possible. I am a skeptic about power cords (and other wirey stuff) and I rely on my ears to tell me what is real.

So I plugged the Shunyata power cords (TAIPAN’s and COPPERHEADS’s) into my system, put on a choral disk and sat back anticipating the effort that may be required to hear any subtle difference they might make. I was shocked with amazement. It took no more than listening to the first few bars of the opening chorus to hear the dramatic difference in sound quality these power cords allowed within my system. I tried another disk, same impact, then another, same impact… and they were not even broken in yet.

Here is what I heard: The most dramatic effect was an improvement in transduced acoustics. Previously I heard vocal or musical instruments that sounded excellent but were missing something relative to a live performance experience. Now I heard harmonic depth within and between voices and instruments that provide the richness and stage presence of a live performance. Now the individual voices and instruments interact with one another as in real life. Now I easily heard the small echoes, reverberations and other cues (some people call this inner detail) associated with a live performance space that were previously absent. The speed of dynamic changes in percussion instruments (attack) were also improved to better resemble a live performance.

All in all, the system now produces an audio hologram that much more closely approximates a live performance. Thanks for your recommendation of this excellent product.

Doug Munch, New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra: NJ, USA

Peter McGrath

Peter McGrath is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished recording engineers working in the world today, with a resume of recordings and top recording artists dating back some thirty years. Peter also manages the east coast sales division for premier US speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio.

Peter McGrath thoroughly tested Shunyata Research’s HYDRA power products and found them to significantly enhance the resolution of his playback and recording test systems. Peter continues to use Shunyata’s HYDRA products in both his home and with his recording work. He considers them indispensable to achieving the best sound possible.

Sony Music: Japan

The name says it all. At the very top level within Sony Music recording and mastering labs, no one is more exacting, more obsessive about sound and performance than the men in charge of their recording and mastering labs. Everything must be perfect, and cost is no object when it comes to recreating music and sound that is true to life. The top Japanese executives from Sony Music were exposed to Shunyata Research products during James Guthrie’s re-mastering of Dark Side Of The Moon for SACD at Guthrie’s Das Boot Studio. Mastering engineers Guthrie and Doug Sax endorsed Shunyata Research products to the principle executives from Sony Music, and facilitated the loan of Shunyata products for testing within Sony’s Mastering systems. After lengthy testing, a series of Shunyata Research power-system products were purchased for use in Sony Music’s mastering facilities. All music mastered within Sony Music’s Japanese facility is now being mastered using Shunyata Research power-system products.

Sony Music: Japan

Stereophile Magazine

Recognized the world over as one of the most respected high-end audio authorities, Stereophile has a group of writers that represent a majority of the most experienced critics covering high-end audio products.

Editor John Atkinson, columnist Michael Fremer and writer Wes Phillips represent what people in the high-end industry would term ‘household names’ in audio journalism.

Renowned Columnist Michael Fremer discovered Shunyata Research products in 2002 and has been using them as his references for power distribution ever since. Given the sheer volume and variety of products that go through any writers’ system in a year, this is an accomplishment of almost unprecedented proportion.

Professional Stereophile writer and reviewer Wes Phillips also discovered Shunyata Research’s system of products in 2002, and has adopted them as his long running references for over five years, and countless reviews.

Due to the resounding success of Shunyata Research products with more than six current and former Stereophile writers, Shunyata Products earned multiple Accessory of the Year Runner Up Awards, as well as the coveted Recommended Component listings.

Fine layers of noise and haze vaporized with the Shunyata gear feeding my equipment!

Paul Bolin, Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA


The HYDRA Model-8 is an amazing product!!

Michael Fremer, Senior Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA


Every power amp I plugged into a HYDRA sounded noticeably better than when plugged directly into the wall — wow!

Wes Philips, Senior Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA

Steven Epstein, 12 time Grammy winner 6 time Grammy winner: “Classical Producer Of The Year”

Stephen Epstein is one of the most recognizable names in the professional recording industry. His stellar talents are showcased with Classical recording legends such as Yo Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Isaac Stern, Itzhak Perlman, Placido Domingo and countless others. He has earned a near record total of 12 Grammy awards, 6 for Classical Producer of the Year.

Stephen became aware of Shunyata Research products because of fellow record producers and mastering engineer at Sony music New York, Vlado Meller. Stephen contacted Shunyata Research directly to inquire about an evaluation. The products performed as expected and Stephen purchased an entire power distribution system.

For many years, I’ve tried and tested power conditioners by major manufacturers with varying results. I’m pleased to say that I can now put my search for the elusive optimal AC conditioner to rest. The HYDRA MODEL-8 and HYDRA MODEL-2 power conditioners coupled with Shunyata’s power cables have provided me with an extremely clean and transparent foundation by which I can check and approve test pressings with full confidence.

Steven Epstein, 12-time Grammy Winner: 6 for “Classical Producer of the Year”

The Absolute Sound Magazine

Credited by readers and music enthusiasts world-wide as the definitive critical journal for high end audio, The Absolute Sound’s editorial vision is clear: select and commercially expose those products that they find in each category represents the “absolute” best in performance and closest to “live music”.

With over 60 years of high-end audio experience between them, and as published professional authors, Editors Robert Harley and Jonathan Valin write and speak with ultimate authority when it comes to defining products that represent the finest in their class.

It’s no surprise, that like their counterparts at Stereophile and SoundStage! magazines, Robert Harley and Jonathan Valin, use complete systems of Shunyata Research Power Distribution products as their long standing references. Shunyata Research products have earned multiple Editors’ Choice and Product Of The Year Award accolades from this venerable high-end authority.

The Shunyata products are the most effective AC products I have had in my system.

Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound Magazine: USA


They’ve become indispensable parts of my listening system, without which nothing sounds the same or as good.

Jonathan Valin, Editor-in-Chief of The Absolute Sound Magazine: USA

The SoundStage! Network

Long regarded as the most influential, experienced and respected high-end critical journal on the internet, SoundStage! magazine has evolved into one of the most credible and definitive review magazines in all of high-end audio — world wide.

Editor-in-Chief Marc Mickelson, and Editor of SoundStage!’s “The World’s Best Audio System” journal, Jeff Fritz, own evaluation systems that in the world of high-end audio, are arguably without peer.

After many trials and comparisons, both Editors selected Shunyata Research’s entire system of products for use as their ongoing references. Among the host of awards bestowed upon Shunyata Research products from countless publications, Shunyata values its SoundStage! Reviewers’ Choice and Innovation In Design Awards as much as any they have received.

Caelin Gabriel has made another distinctive product that makes a strong case for being the standard in power conditioning here and now.

Marc Mickelson, Editor-in-Chief of the SoundStage! Network: USA


The way my Shunyata powered system captured and reproduced the low-level resolution of my finest recordings was stunning!

Jeff Fritz, Editor of the SoundStage! Network: USA

Remastering “The Dark Side of the Moon”

The reputations of Mastering Engineers Doug Sax and James Guthrie are beyond reproach.

They are two of the most prolific and sought after mastering engineers in the recording industry, and their body of work is legendary.

Doug Sax’s work includes recordings by James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Alison Kraus, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Aaron Neville, Chris Isaak, Ray Charles, Chet Atkins and countless others. James Guthrie’s resume is no less impressive, having been credited with work on 6 Pink Floyd albums and dozens of popular recording artists. James and Doug learned of Shunyata Research’s products through David Gilmour’s Astoria recording studio in the United Kingdom. After listening and recording with Shunyata Research products, both Guthrie and Sax were so impressed that they installed Shunyata products into their Sonoma digital mastering chain. Shunyata Research products were most recently utilized at Guthrie’s Das Boot Studio for the re-master of Dark Side of the Moon on Sony’s SACD format.

As studio owners, we are regularly exposed to numerous ‘quality enhancement products’ and have naturally become cautious and very selective; you rarely achieve an audible improvement without somehow adversely affecting another element in the audio chain. We have been using Shunyata power cables at my studio for some time now. Careful placement of the cables has resulted in reduced distortion, improved clarity, better low level detail and richer 3-dimensional depth in the soundstage. The ANACONDA PowerSnakes, for example, have transformed our Sonoma system, used during the mastering process for the new 5.1 mix of ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’. I look forward to trying the HYDRA AC distribution next. Highly recommended.

James Guthrie, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer (Pink Floyd): USA

Digital Music Products Inc.

Since 1983 DMP has been producing the finest quality recordings for jazz lovers and audiophiles alike working with seminally gifted, but under appreciated musicians. In a world of over compressed and over processed recordings, DMP’s live-minimalists recording approach captures critical nuances and natural dynamics using the most direct and pristine electronic signal path possible. The result is a refreshing and honest representation of great musicians playing music together in the same room at the same time.

I have been very skeptical of power related tweaks above and beyond good basic engineering practices like wire sizing, proper grounding and good solid connections. That said I tried to be open to the merits of the Shunyata approach regarding power management. After living with various power cables, outlets and HYDRA AC distribution systems for several months while working on my DMP Archive Project, I can honestly say that Shunyata Power Systems do contribute to a more solid, focused and accurate sonic picture.

Tom Jung, President of Digital Music Products Inc.

Wilson Audio

The Wilson name has long been synonymous with the state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design. Wilson loudspeakers possess intrinsic value and technology that have stood the test of time and improved dramatically along the way. As a result, Wilson speakers have become one of the most sought after references for the world’s foremost studios, engineers, reviewers and retailers. Wilson’s numerous awards for elite design and their professional accolades speak for themselves.

Wilson Audio’s principle sales teams use Shunyata Research products within their personal and reference systems. Shunyata Research power products are also used within Wilson’s reference production facility systems. Wilson Audio recommends Shunyata products to dealers, distributors and customers without qualification and has become a close industry partner.

VTL Audio

VTL has earned an impeccable reputation as a manufacturer of top quality, performance oriented electronics for over 20 years, both in the professional and Home Entertainment industries. Under the exclusive direction of Luke Manley and Bea Lam, VTL has evolved into one of the world’s most sought-after lines of tube pre-amps and amplification products.

Company president and owner Luke Manley was exposed to Shunyata Research products in the VTL reference system at a trade show and expressed an immediate, favorable response to the application of Shunyata Research’s power products. Luke and his wife Bea continue to endorse the use of Shunyata Research products with their electronics systems.


Meridian is one of the most respected manufacturers of digital electronics and speaker systems in the world, and has demonstrated the superiority of their products in both the professional and consumer markets. Meridian products have earned their place at the finest audio-visual dealers in the United States for a reason — the unparalleled value and technology contained within their complete audio-visual systems.

Meridian-America was exposed to Shunyata Research products through mutual dealers, and requested an evaluation. After performing extensive testing, Ken Forsythe and the principles of Meridian-America determined that Shunyata Research products profoundly improved the performance of their reference and test systems. Meridian-America now recommends and endorses Shunyata Research products for use within all of their systems.

Focal France

Focal Loudspeaker products have garnered their incredible reputation through continuing innovations in driver design and through their obsessive commitment to research, development and quality craftsmanship. The Focal factory in France has become one of the world’s most complete facility for the testing and design of loudspeakers, drivers and exclusive parts that are manufactured and supplied to countless other companies. As a result, Focal has earned many awards for performance and innovation from all over the world. After extensive trials and comparisons, Focal engineer Dominic Baker has adopted Shunyata Research HYDRA’s and power cables as references for both his own and Focal’s testing and reference studio systems.

I’ve just spent a very informative morning listening to our reference system. I have to say that the results with the HYDRA are extremely interesting. Everything has become clearer with greater projection, but at the same time smoother. Stage depth is also greatly improved, something which I was not expecting as this is normally dominated by mechanical/acoustical constraints. Very impressive. Last night I had similarly impressive results at home with my Barco. Noise is dramatically reduced and the image is now far more punchy and better defined, Being an engineer I tend to be a little skeptical when it comes to cables etc, so this was a very pleasant surprise. I’m so impressed with the results that I would like to order your HYDRA MODEL-8 straight away for my own use which will feed my whole HT ensemble.

Dominic Baker, Chief Engineer of Focal/JMLab: USA

Constellation Audio

Constellation Audio is renowned in Australia and around the world as a leader in quality amplifier and audiophile components.

Quite a few high-end audio companies are built around one talented engineer. To surpass the work of these companies, we knew we would need not one extraordinary talent, but many. Thus, we sought out the greatest names in audio engineering and industrial design-the creative minds behind many of history’s greatest audio products. Each member of the team contributes his level of expertise in the service of developing the Constellation Audio brand.

Constellation Audio: USA

Bel Canto Design

Digital electronics manufacturer Bel Canto Design’s John Stronczer is one of the sharpest engineering minds in the business. Bel Canto first put the industry on notice by introducing digitally based amplifier and source electronics that offer superlative performance matched with unheard of value. Bel Canto’s multiple professional and media awards for performance and innovation speak eloquently to the success of their designs and top-quality manufacturing process.

President and CEO John Stronczer has adopted Shunyata Research products as in-house power-line references for use with Bel Canto’s full line of electronics, and recommends them to customers and dealers.

Balanced Audio Technology

An acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of two-channel and multi-channel electronics, Balanced Audio Technology has achieved a standard of quality and success most companies only hope for. Their entire line boasts multiple awards for design integrity, performance and value. From humble beginnings, Balanced Audio Technology has built their solid reputation through design innovation, superior customer service and product build quality.

Partners Victor Khomenko, Jeffrey Poor and Steve Bednarski use Shunyata Research products within their listening and test studios, as well as at dealers and at trade-exhibits. The principle partners recommend Shunyata Research products to dealers and customers alike world wide.

Audio Research Corporation

Audio Research is arguably the United States oldest and most respected manufacturer of high-performance tube electronics. Their award-winning products and dominant design history have set long-standing benchmarks for performance and value. The breadth of Audio Research product lines are almost incomparable, setting a consistent quality and high-performance standard few companies can aspire to.

Audio Research uses Shunyata wire for signal in all of their highest level reference products. All signal path conductors for their reference level products are provided by Shunyata Research.

The sales and research team at Audio Research are well known for their perfectionist approach to assembling reference and trade-show systems. Audio Research conducted exhaustive comparative evaluations with Shunyata products in 2005. They continue to use a broad combination of Shunyata Research power and signal products as references within their top performing test, exhibit and studio systems.

Stereo Unlimited

The city’s longest running home-entertainment store, Stereo Unlimited, is nestled in the heart of downtown San Diego. Owner Bruce Hiemburg will agree that his custom install business has grown over the years, and that sales of home theaters are brisk, but clearly his, and the store’s heart and soul remains committed to the faithful reproduction of music and all its forms. The store even commits significant retail space to vinyl LP’s so that music enthusiasts can relax, listen to music and look over thousands of available LP releases.

Needless to say, Stereo Unlimited is extremely selective about which product lines they support and it shows. Their line list reads like a who’s who of great analog, digital, tube and solid state electronics brands.

Because of the store owners 30 years of experience and technical background it took no more than a brief look over Shunyata Research’s product range and their technology to convince him to become a new dealer for Shunyata Research back in 2002. Stereo Unlimited has remained one of Shunyata Research’s most committed and best selling retailers ever since.

Overture Audio

Owner Terry Menaker’s reputation as one of the most discerning high-performance film and sound system retailers in the United States is well earned. His store, Overture Audio, represents only the most exclusive and credible lines of electronics in the market. With lines like Wilson Audio, Audio Research, Spectral, B&W and Macintosh it is obvious Overture has its pick of the market in each product category. In 2005, Shunyata Research products were carefully evaluated and compared before being selected as the premium high-performance power distribution product line for the entire store. Shunyata Research products continue to enjoy that exclusive position today despite intense competition from countless similar lines trying to find a retail home at one of the finest and most sought after stores on the east coast.

Adding Shunyata Research HYDRA and power cords to our reference system was a revelation in improved performance! Amazing products for both audio and video!

Terry Menacker, Owner: Overture Audio

Ne Plus Ultra

Appropriately located within a Historic Landmark building in Austin Texas, Ne Plus Ultra is true to its name. Only the most exclusive, top performing products in the high-end audio market need apply. Owner Casey Mckee has invested his 30 years of high-end retail experience into one of the country’s only dedicated high-end two-channel music and sound stores. Ne Plus Ultra places an extreme emphasis on personalized customer service, home system set up and one of the world’s finest audio showrooms. Ne Plus showcases and displays a select and inspiring collection of the most coveted and respected electronic and speaker lines on the market.

Despite significant skepticism, Casey Mckee was convinced to evaluate Shunyata Research products in 2003. After multiple trials in some of the most expensive systems, all skepticism was removed. Ne Plus Ultra has been using, endorsing and selling Shunyata Research products as part their recommended reference systems for the past five years.

Goodwins High End Audio

Minutes outside of Boston Massachusetts, Goodwins is one of the industry’s oldest and most respected audio/video dealerships. Owner Alan Goodwin and his staff have one of the Northeast’s largest and most lavish showroom spaces at their disposal. Their staff’s collective experience, knowledge and superior customer service earned them their Legend status as one of the most accomplished and professional retailers in the business. It took four years and multiple visits for Shunyata Research to earn an opportunity for a product evaluation at this venerable retailer. The wait proved worthwhile as Goodwins has become one of Shunyata Research products most outspoken advocates, and our exclusive Massachusetts retailer.

In our reference rooms, Shunyata Research HYDRA’s and HELIX power cables have removed noise and increased music involvement to astonishing levels!

Paul Chambers, System Designer/Store Manager: Goodwins High End Audio

Dallas Audio Concepts

Audio Concepts has been Dallas’ premier high-end home entertainment retailer for over 25 years. They are one of the most sought after dealers in Texas because of their exceptional reputation, strong product lines and years of experience. Competition among manufacturers to earn a place for their products within Audio Concepts is fierce. Very few products are selected in each category because the store prides themselves on carrying only the very best products.

Shunyata products were recommended to Audio Concepts by one of the industry’s finest electronics manufacturers, Audio Research. After running exhaustive trials at home and in the store, Shunyata products were adopted as the store’s power distribution references. The obvious performance benefits they offered within the Audio Concepts finest systems have made Shunyata Research products a favorite demonstration at the store.

Audio Visions SF

What began 15 years ago as a maverick high-end retail operation has turned into the Bay Areas’ premier high-performance audio and video retail establishment — one any manufacturer of high-performance home entertainment products would love to have as their regional retailer. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Audio Visions represents the core tenets of what makes the best high-end industry’s retail stores a success — great personal service, a never ending passion for music and a true commitment to value in serving their customers best interests.

Audio Vision’s principle owners and sales team were referred to Shunyata Research products by electronics manufacturers Balanced Audio Technology and Bel Canto, both of whom use and endorse Shunyata products. After extensive in house testing and comparisons Audio Visons quickly became and remains one of Shunyata Research’s favorite and most active US retailers.

Audio Connection

Audio Connection is unquestionably New Jersey’s oldest and most respected high-performance audio-video retailer. Owner John Rutan spent many years carefully selecting the most exclusive and sought after electronics lines on the market. Audio Connection only considers supporting the finest performing products in each category and carefully screens out products that do not come with blue chip distribution, support and performance as their strengths.

Audio Connection was told about Shunyata Research products by several electronics manufacturers and entertained a complete system trial. The results were so overwhelming that Audio Connection is now the exclusive New Jersey dealer for Shunyata products. Audio Connection has a well earned place in the US as one of Shunyata Research’s finest dealers.

Audio Advice

Leon Shaw’s store Audio Advice in Raleigh North Carolina is known throughout the high-performance electronics industry as one of the most exclusive and professionally managed and staffed stores in the US — and possibly the world. The care and attention to detail they have taken in building their store and selecting their product lines is evident even at a glance. US home theater and electronics retailers look to Audio Advice as the paradigm of a successful high-performance entertainment business. Everything from lavish living-room-lifestyle interiors to personalized customer service, to the most sought after high performance products on the market make Audio Advice one of the home entertainment industry’s most respected dealerships. Audio Advice’s meteoric rise and sustained success have been featured and documented in many trade publications. They are regarded as the example, the model for others to follow in establishing a successful retail business within the home-entertainment industry. The sales staff of Audio Advice independently evaluated Shunyata Research products in 2002. The response from the sales team in the store was unanimous. None had experienced power distribution products that performed with such consistently positive results. Audio Advice’s exceptional support and sales over the past six years remains one of Shunyata Research’s proudest and most reflected upon accomplishments. Customers who purchased Shunyata products through Audio Advice have uniformly praised their experiences.

All of us at Audio Advice have been impressed with Shunyata Research since our first experience with the Hydra and PowerSnakes cables in 2002. Our initial tests demonstrated marked improvements in image definition and clarity, frequency extension as well as a more natural sound. As time passed, Shunyata have proven their expertise by not only continuing to produce quality products, but also fundamentally improving and refining their performance. We strongly recommend Shunyata Power products to our clients seeking the finest performance from their audio/video systems.

Brandon Lauer, Retail Manager: Audio Advice

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