Clayton Wood of Skywalker Ranch uses Shunyata in Audio Post-Production

Easily one of the most complete and lavish film and recording studios in the world, SkyWalker Ranch needs little introduction. SkyWalker Sound is the division of SkyWalker Ranch responsible for all audio, sound-effects, post production audio, IMAX sound and multi-format audio.

SkyWalker sound has garnered 14 Academy Awards since its inception, as well as multiple media awards for quality and sound innovation. SkyWalker Sound is also a complete scoring and recording studio that records renowned artists such as Amy Grant, Herbie Hancock, Faith Hill and countless others.

Principal recording and scoring engineers Tim McGovern and Clayton Wood evaluated Shunyata Research’s products within their scoring and recording systems, and found them to dramatically reduce noise and buzzing that was obvious prior to the Shunyata application. SkyWalker Sound is now using Shunyata Research products within their scoring stages and playback/testing systems.

We first put the HYDRA to test on a monitor system that had problems with noise and clarity. The result was less noise with an improvement in overall sound quality. We now use the HYDRA’s on our Model 2 converters, AES router and main monitor system consisting of B&W 802 speakers and Chord Amps.

Clayton Wood, Senior Engineer: USA

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