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Shunyata Research accessories are designed to unlock the inherent potential within listening, recording and film systems through the ingenuity and patented science used in their development. Each accessory is designed to perform a critical function related to performance.  Shunyata Research's accessories are priced affordably so they can be implemented in a broad range of systems from the most economical to cost-no-object with an expectation of notably enhanced performance.

DF-SS and Dark Field Mini Cable Supports

The DF-SS cable support systems and Dark Field minis use a patented design to eliminate vibration and static charge differentials that can cloud fine detail in sound and film.


SR-Z1 Outlet

The SR-Z1 outlet uses a customized design that maximizes peak current transfer and optimizes a system's main electrical connection. These provide the ideal substitute from flimsy and inefficient standard wall outlets.


SSF-38/SSF-50 Dedicated Component Supports

SSF-38 and SSF-50 Stainless steel feet offer a welcome performance boost for Shunyata Research's power distributors by isolating the components they support.


Power Cord Adaptors

Each of Shunyata Research's three power cord adaptors, the Universal Adaptor, Burn in adaptor and power cord connection adaptor allow options for almost any circumstance, from break-in to adapting to different connector types or easing a power cord's fit into tight spaces.


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