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Shunyata Research designer Caelin Gabriel drew from deep experience developing low-noise electrical systems for critical medical, military, professional and consumer electronics systems when he set out to design a chassis and signal grounding systems that stood alone in terms of performance. The results of his efforts have been so dramatic and consistent that they have startled even the most seasoned reviewers and industry professionals. 

Shunyata Research Grounding systems are designed to eliminate chassis and signal related ground noise through the use of vanishingly low-impedance ground cables and two separate and discrete ground filtering stations. The Altaira Chassis ground station   forms the baseline of this system by draining chassis borne noise, while the separate and distinct Altaira Signal Ground station reduces internally generated component borne noise riding on signal grounds. The results after installing the complete system is a stunning, immediate reduction in overall noise, uncovering a wealth of hidden detail and performance hidden beneath all system's noise floor.

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