Digital Cables

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It will come as no surprise to those comparing Shunyata Research's Digital cables that they are the company's most successful products, even surpassing the well documented success of Shunyata's power products. Steeped in the deep science behind digital signal transmission and the effects of noise, designer Caelin Gabriel has crafted a series of digital cables including S/PDIF, AES/EBU, Clock, USB and Ethernet cables that have proven to be best-in-class. Shunyata digital cables have earned multiple Product Of The Year Awards and have been adopted as references by the industry's top digital electronics manufacturers. Accolades about these extraordinary cables has come from every corner of the industry.

 The common threads shared by all models in Shunyata's digital cable arsenal are their ability to eliminate time smear and related signal distortions that would otherwise degrade the performance of digital playback.  Performance results demonstrate that Shunyata Research digital cables don’t just improve digital playback, they literally redefine digital audio as a reference medium for listening and recording.

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