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Of all the products within Shunyata Research's iconic portfolio, none have benefitted from the innovation Shunyata Research is known for more than its award-winning signal cables. Decades of research, customization, measurement and material refinement have earned Shunyata Research interconnects and speaker cables critical awards and unqualified praise from industry professionals and customers alike.

The intentionally lower retail prices and hand crafted elegance of Shunyata Research signal cables adds lasting value to the science that forms the cornerstone of their design. Hallmark design features applied to Shunyata cable systems include ultra high-purity base metals, unique virtual tube geometries and the finest quality dielectrics in the business.  Shunyata Research signal cables all undergo Shunyata's proprietary KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process), to enhance performance and reduce break-in time.

Starting with the Delta Series, Shunyata applies its patented Zi-Tron technology, which measurably reduces signal distortion, revealing detail that would otherwise lie buried under the noise floor. At the very top of the range are two of Shunyata's most exclusive signal technologies in the patent pending TAP Polarizer, which minimizes EMI distortion in interconnects and HARP module which breaks up resonant-node distortions in speaker cables. Each of these technologies renders a crystal clear window into recordings that engage the listener as never before. When applied as a system, Shunyata interconnect and speaker cables represent the finest performance and value in their category.

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