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Denali 6000/T : “Greater sense of clarity”

Good afternoon, Richard,

Everything’s coming together beautifully! The Denali 6000/T has further elevated my system (in fact, I can’t believe to the extent that it has made in providing a greater sense of clarity and overall ease to the sound!)
Thanks again for your guidance;

Take care,
Rob A

Venom X XLR : Spot on recommendation

Hello Richard,

I am writing you just to let you know we performed our first upgrade 2 months ago and we are very, very enthusiastic about it so I HAD to write you.
Our upgrade: replacement of the older v1 delta XLR interlink for the Venom X XLR. Your recommendation was spot on! If not to say, a bit modest. The improvement was immediate, very noticeable and really brought out the details and more coherence. Improvement in soundstage, tight and more controlled bass with more definition, I really miss the audiophile vocabulary so I hope you know what I am trying to say here. There also seems to be more synergy: meaning what we heard after replacing our interlink we noticed the same but less dramatic changes compared to the Venom X speaker cable.  All seems to come together now!
Next upgrade will be putting in the Venom X EF for the amplifier and maybe the SACD player as well in the quest for more synergy.
Thanks again for advice and support. 
Have I nice evening
Kind regards,
Wim S.

Alpha v2 RCA : “The reality of each sound has improved significantly”

Hello Richard,

Upgrading from Delta v2 RCA to Alpha v2 RCA was as big a jump as you said! Specifically, first, the localization of sound was very stable and the stereoscopic effect improved significantly. The vocals are firmly anchored in the middle and the instruments are where they should be. Next, the middle and low frequencies, which were somewhat lacking, are now clearly audible without being too much or too little. The glare of the sound, which I sometimes noticed, has almost disappeared. Finally, the reality of each sound has improved significantly.

Great success! I can’t believe TAP can have such a huge effect. I have gradually replaced the cables in my system with Shunyata Research products and have never been betrayed. In other words, the sound only got better each time. Again, the sound quality is much better.

I’m so happy. Thanks!


Denali is “everything my system has been waiting for”

Hi Richard,

I had already returned my speaker cable loan when the Denali arrived yesterday but within 10 minutes I realized this ugly black box could be the most consequential thing I’ve added to my system to date! Even more so – yet comparable in price to – the speaker cables I just tried out!!

It was like a “loudness” and clarity switch immediately kicked in, with a fullness comparable to my Sigma/Alpha bi-wiring experiment but a clarity exceeding anything I’ve ever heard before on my system. Everything was so dynamic and detailed and crisp. Background vocals more distinct and discernable, guitar licks more pronounced, yet a warmth came thru even when using my pre-amp’s solid state half. It’s EVERYTHING my system has been waiting for!

-Paul S.



Thanks so much for your frank and succinct advice. I will certainly follow your guidance.
Shunyata is an impressive company doing remarkable work and ground-breaking research.
We in the music/audiophile community appreciate what you do!

Thanks again & all the best,
Weldon J

Denali 6000/S v2 : “My equipment likes this thing”


Thank you for the quick reply. I have to say that after I ordered this Denali 6000/s v2, I was wondering if it would be a big enough improvement over my older Hydra Alpha model. You said “we’ve come a long way”. Well, I know this is supposed to get even better as it settles in but in comparison to my old one, this is incredible. It’s almost like hearing each album for the first time. And the extra smoothness and ease is just amazing. Apparently my equipment likes this thing. 😃👍


Alpha v2 Speaker Cable Upgrade : “…like a component change.”

Richard, greetings from the Midwest.

There was a guy in Oregon upgrading from Alpha V2 to Sigma V2 speaker cables. Based on what you said about if I like the Venom X Sp Cable I would love going up the line. Yes, I got the Alpha V2s last night. It’s a significant upgrade. Not like the little increments you get with Digital tweaks. This is like a component change. Very happy. Image 3D locked in, sound was sweet with even more resolution (this is hard to do as generally with greater resolution I often get edge), and the bass notes are formed where I can hear the instrument or drum making the sound rather than a thump or bump.

I have ordered 2 of your outlets and I’m sure you will ship them to me once everyone is back from the holiday vacation. Our mutual friend Bob J. is right about how valuable your recommendations are to us consumers who are not sure who to believe. Thanks for all you do.

Alan H.

Typhon T2 : “…took about 15 seconds to be floored.”

I finally got around to testing the T2 in my system. The vast majority of my various little goodies are connected to an Everest. My main amp, though, is located remotely between the speakers at the front of the room, where it is connected via a Sigma power cord to a Denali 2000/T. I added the T2 to the Denali via the included Reference umbilical.


I was not prepared for the degree of improvement, which was startling. As you know I have been evaluating the Shunyata Ethernet cables, and they make a nice difference, which I have been double-checking for the past two weeks by constantly swapping several possibilities about. As I said, a nice difference, but not earth-shattering.

The T2 is a whole different ball of wax. Literally took about 15 seconds to be floored.

You know, this evaluating of your stuff is costing me a lot of money!


Noise Analyzer on the Everest : “Absolute silence”

Hi Richard,
So my local audio store was still somewhat dubious about the efficacy of the Everest and decided to test my power with a Blue Horizon “Mains Noise Analyzer”. This displays a numerical value representative of the amount of noise on the circuit as well as producing a sound that is allegedly the “noise” per se.
In most circuits (wall outlets) in my house (built in 1952) the reading was “MAX” and the audio was a loud “white noise.”
In my new dedicated 20 Amp circuits, one used for router and TV and the other for my stereo equipment (different rooms, different circuits), the reading was 425. Interestingly, the audio was a combination of white noise and voices. Indeed, I could clearly hear a conversation about a face book page and another conversation as well. (I was told by the local dealer that I was hearing cell phone conversations and that I was not going crazy.)
So, with this baseline, the noise analyzer was plugged into one of the outlets on the Everest. The reading was 000. Absolute silence. This was with all the audio components turned off. So I then turned each on and the reading remained 000 with absolutely no audio from the analyzer device.
My local store really really wants to become a dealer for Shunyata!
Craig R.

“Venom Phono interconnects defied my expectations and solved a strange, vexing problem”

I didn’t know where to put this “review” but my experience with your Venom Phono interconnects defied my expectations and solved a strange, vexing problem I was hearing on a few select recordings. On Joe Henry’s THRUM, for instance, the vocals had a strange, boxlike quality, almost as if they had been sung into a glass jar. This odd coloration did not seem to exist for any of the other instruments on the album, just the lead vocal on that album and maybe 1 or 2 others. Because Thrum was recorded in Joe Henry’s home, I assumed the mic might have been picking up some noise or was otherwise suboptimal.

When I upgraded my speakers early in 2022 (replacing my old Thiels with Wilson Audio’s Sabrina X), I noticed that the vocal jar-sound was almost more pronounced, even after I’d upgraded almost all the cables in my system (impedance matching where possible). Last but not least I replaced the phono cable with the Shunyata Venom and was quite surprised to hear that the jar-like sound had almost vanished. How or why this could be can perhaps only be logically explained by Shunyata’s online explanation itself: surface modes traversing the cables in some cases interfere with the intended musical signal, coupling in the connectors. In my system’s case, those modes in my old phono cable(s) probably exacerbated otherwise unnoticeable issues introduced by the recording microphone during the recording process. The Shunyata Venom phono cables solved a problem I could not have imagined the source of myself…

I should say I was “surprised” because in my first career, I had been an applied physicist/electrical engineer (MSEE) at Bellcore, Tellabs, and elsewhere, and since my specific area of expertise was in nonlinear optics, I can rightly claim fairly substantial expertise in electromagnetic signal propagation. Of course, in fiber optics “cladding modes” co-propagate with the signal, but even over short distances they dissipate and, as a result, are only a problem in special circumstances. However, to hear of what was in effect an electrical signal cladding mode audibly interfering with music reproduction seemed farfetched to me when I first read of it. But now I am a believer. (And yes, I trust my ears…my parents were classical musicians here in NYC so I grew up hearing a lot of live music.)

Because of my experience with your phono cables I recently purchased my son your new Venom power conditioner (my son is doing a PhD in applied physics) and he replied that the effect on his pair of Devialets was disorienting because, he said, his ear had grown used to noise!

So keep up the good work. 


E. Anderson

Omega XC upgrade on Denali

Hello Richard,

I was able to obtain an Omega XC to feed the Denali. To say it is a ‘component-level’ upgrade is to sell it short. It has taken what was easily the best performance my modest system has delivered with the Sigma XC, and exceeded it by orders of magnitude. The presentation is wider and exponentially deeper front to back. All while revealing additional low-level detail with increased texture across the spectrum. It has such a vivid organic “real” feel I’ve never heard before in-home audio.

Thank you for your guidance and advice which has aided my enjoyment of my audio setup. There is no need to respond. I don’t want to take time away from you helping others. Please accept my sincere thanks. I have been and will continue to advise anyone who will listen that they owe it to themselves to go Shunyata!

Thank you sir,

Ben C.

When the piano landed in our listening room… // Denali v2, Alpha XC

Hello Richard,

Thank you for helping me settle upon the Denali v2 + Alpha XC power cord.  

When the piano landed in our listening room, I knew the Denali was settling in nicely.  I was certainly expecting a reduction in noise, but the increase in timbral realism caught me by surprise.  All previous noise reduction solutions have had a sonic fingerprint and caused some compression.  The Denali lets the Grimm Audio and Mola Mola gear be its best, and at its best it disappears. 

Given the reference-level performance, it makes sense that this combo benefits from more than two decades of continuous experimentation, measurements and improvement.   I can’t imagine how much has to go right in the process — from concept to delivering a component of this quality to my front door – but it is clear that you have a great team of talented and dedicated professionals. 

Have a great weekend. 



Delta v1 NR

Hi Richard,

The Delta V1 NR that has been powering my Arcam CDS50 CD player just found a new home powering an LG laser projector that had been kicking a lot of electrical noise into my film festival’s professional surround sound system. The difference in the surround sound system is quite dramatic, with lower electrical hum and significantly improved dialogue clarity. Frankly, I’m thrilled and I’m sure our filmmakers will be, too.

-Doug W.

Alpha v2 NR, Delta v2 NR, and Venom V10 NR

Here is my review of the four power cables recently inserted into my system.

I recently came upon an advertisement for Shunyata Research cables. Of course I was aware of their reputation among audiophiles but I had never really checked them out. After traveling to Shunyata’s website, the characteristics they incorporate into their power cable designs intrigued me. I ended up purchasing an Alpha v2 NR cable for my power amp, a Delta v2 NR for my line stage and two Venom V10 NR cables for my disc player and phono amp.

I’m aware of how prevalent hyperbole is among many audiophiles as we describe how equipment or even tweaks affect our systems. With that in mind, these four noise reducing cables completely transformed my system’s sound. Now come a bunch of colorful adjectives to characterize that transformation…transparency, openness, rhythmic drive, naturalness etc.

In the end, the music, regardless whether the source be vinyl or digital disc, ebbs and flows from the speakers which virtually disappear into this large enveloping orb of sound. It’s incredible. Probably the biggest shock is the complete lack of any edge or haze to music played on my SACD player. I really did not believe that to be possible. I always expected that digital edge was endemic to the medium and I had to just accept it. Nope! And yes, in case you’re wondering I was already using after-market power cables. They are now residing in a closet never to renter the system.

So what do you do now? Please, for the love of great music, go to Shunyata Research’s website and read about all of the purposeful design elements that allow their cables to enable your stereo components to perform at a level you have never heard before. Find an authorized dealer once your finances permit and choose which of their cables would be most appropriate for your set-up. Insert these beauties into your kit and listen to musicians provide you with a personal performance in your listening space. Once you’ve experienced that, there is no going back. Embrace the experience and lose yourself in your favorite music.

-Phil A

Denali 6000/S v2

Hi Richard,
As a paying customer and not as a friend, or someone blowing smoke up your backside, I have to say with all sincerity that in all of my years in the weird world of the high end, the Denali 6000s v2 is without a doubt the finest piece of equipment I have owned in its category, and also the one piece that has the most influence over my entire system. I could add an amp, or preamp, or even a set of cables someplace that might help here or there, but the Denali is (to use the well worn phrase) a true “game changer”. And it is doing one thing for me that has not happened in a long time and it is this: I am wanting to pull out every CD/SACD and LP I own and listen to it! I have not owned anything in a long time that has made me so inquisitive as to how it (the medium) would sound when played with the new addition in the mix. This has not happened with cables, preamps, amps, speakers, etc. ever. Sad but true. And now the Denali is helping everything perform to its utmost best, somewhat like an athlete who has found his or her stride. Perhaps this is a bad analogy since the reference borders on the illegal but the Denali is like legalized steroids for audio. The Denali has turned my stereo into the Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa after their “enhancement” and now my system is belting out home run after home run and I have the benefit of knowing that the Denali will not be confiscated or banned.
So, as a paying customer, I want to say without reservation that the Denali is the best thing I have done for my audio system ever. EVER! My thanks to you for the sage advice to convince me to get one. I am assuming the Denali is getting more broken in as each night I am more and more astounded as to its performance, and the level it has taken my rather plebeian system to astonishing heights.

Please pass along to whoever built my unit my thanks for their work, and of course to the boss (Caelin, not your boss Libby) for his brilliant work in designing this.”


-Robert J.

Everest, Omega QR

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your reply.
I must say that the Everest/Omega conditioner is fantastic.I have just listened to some explosive classical music and feel I have been to a live concert. I thought the Shunyata cables I purchased 15 years or so ago were good but the system is now so enjoyable to listen to.
I hope that my neighbours do not complain tomorrow about the noise!
Thanks again for your help.

Alan W

Anacondas, Denali 6000/S v2, Alpha v1 Power Cable

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the info. I really appreciate it!

The speaker cables are sounding awesome! I have them connected between a pair of Magico A3 speakers driven by a Modwright KWA-100SE amplifier.

At first, after reading all the reviews of the Magico A3’s, I wasn’t sure the Modwright amp would have enough juice to drive them but no worries. They sound great!

Other speaker cables I have used are Morrow Audio SP7, Audio Sensibility and Wire World. The Anacondas are definitely staying put! ( probably my last speaker cable purchase! )

I am still waiting to receive the Anaconda XLR interconnects so I can’t comment on their performance yet but if they are anything like the speaker cables, I will be in audio heaven!

Thanks again for answering my questions and for making the best cables I have used in my system! ( I also use the Alpha Zitron power cords and the DENALI 6000/S v2.


Triton v3, Typhon QR


I hooked everything up and calmly sat down to listen. OMG! I was not prepared for the amazing sounds that were now coming from my speakers. Like the tried and true cliche’ , “it was like a blanket had been pulled off my speakers”. I now heard music as it was meant to be heard, live, vivid and in my face. The music now not only had a wider sound stage, but the depth of that sound stage was something that I’d never heard before. The overall experience was one of profound amazement! I have had this system for about two years and this was the single most jaw dropping moment that i have heard. My system contains: Balanced Audio Tech. amp VK-6200 [200 watts each into 5 channels], Anthem AVM60 preamp, Oppo 205 multidisc player, Esoteric K-03 CD and SACD player, Golden Ear Triton Reference speakers, Synergistics inter connects, Shunyata power cord, Shunyata Triton V3 and Typhon QR.

Now I have a completely new CD collection to listen to all over again in a new and freshly delightful manner. My CD collection is around 12,000, so I’ll be at this for awhile. But now I will listen to them with a new bold and open sound!

I really wish to thank you very much for taking, not only the time it took and the expertise that you filled me in on, but also the joy that you had in doing so. You obviously enjoy what you are doing and it shows!


Jay B

Denali 6000/S v2, Sigma XC Power Cable


Thank you for your quick reply. No need to apologize, mistakes happen, they exchanged it immediately.

I bought from them a Denali v2 conditioner and the Sigma XC power cord and all I can say is WOW! I couldn’t be happier. I expected an improvement but I didn’t expect the level of improvement I heard. Great products.

-Scot H

Denali 6000/T

Hi Richard,

I installed the Denali and other new cables. UNBELIEVABLE! I am speechless. MIND IS BLOWN! Thank you for your recommendations. My expectations were exceeded and I am in amazement at what the combination of the Denali and cables did to the sound. Just incredible growth in soundstage, tone, warmth, noise floor etc. Tremendous increase in mid range and low end as well.

Thanks again!

Jaymie D

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