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Gamma RCA

I’ve got to say that the sound is superb. Very smooth, yet still very firm, focused and clear.  These are definitely worth the money. I’m using them on my SACD player (Marantz SA-10). It’s nice that you offer a premium, high-quality copper interconnect with no silver or silver plated components in it. Most companies do not, and my experience is I don’t like the sound of anything silver. Yes, it’s sharper and more detailed, but I’ve found it fatiguing. 

-Randall W.

Shunyata Cables & Altaira Grounding


I like what I hear so much now, I have one more empty Altaira connection, without doubling up, to one more key component, so I just want it all completed at this point.

This will just about do everything I can think of. The Shunyata cable benefit I would never have even known about them, and it is all because of Michael Ritter at Berkeley Audio Design who recommended you and said I should not even buy his 20k plus Reference DAC as I would not hear the benefit without Shunyata cables. He was 100% right. I have his Alpha Series 3 DAC and now I am actually thinking of his Reference DAC because, I did not know music could be so clear and lively from old cd copies to flac files and with Shunyata cables I think his DAC will be the ultimate for me.

I just added up retail pricing of all I have acquired the past year and I have bought over $60,000 in Shunyata products since Michael’s recommendation. Actually scared me when I realized it.

Do not tell my wife.

Kim E.

Typhon T2 and Sigma Cabling

Just a bit of an update. I currently have on demonstration a Typhon T2 and Sigma cabling. Absolutely magnificent! A major transformation to my system in every way. Sooo…. I’ve just placed an order for the above items with David Baker of Audio Therapy in the UK.

If you haven’t already met David I’m sure you’ll be impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm when he visits your research and manufacturing facilities next month along with Guillaume Boyer.
Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Kind regards
David W.

Typhon T2

Hi Richard,

The Typhon T2 was like adding a power booster to my monoblocs , all the while enhancing detail & soundstage within a dead silent background.


Janson W.

Shunyata Loom

Thank You for your rapid solution to my issue.

Let me just say, I have quite a few pieces of Shunyata gear in my system now.
Denali 6000T/v2
Sigma XC
Sigma v2 NR
Alpha v2 NR
Delta v2 NR
Alpha v2 XLR
Venom Defender
And now the Alpha v2 speaker/jumpers

Each of these items has made huge improvements in my system and the quality of their construction is outstanding.

Consider me a very happy customer of yours 🙂

Kind regards,

Louis S

Altaira is a “Game Changer”

Dear Richard,

In May of 2022 I purchased a Denali from Shunyata based on your recommendations. In a reply to you I made the comment that the Denali was a “game changer” and there was no piece of equipment that I had ever used that had such an impact on my listening pleasure. Sadly, I erred. Rarely do I like to admit I made a mistake but I have to do so here and now; the Denali, while very good, has now been bested by the Altaira. Yes, the Altaira that I swore I would not buy because I was soon going to be living in a cardboard box should the bride learn of another “black box” coming into the house (“Honestly honey, these things only cost $100!”) but after buying one Venom grounding cable and grounding my preamp to the Denali, and having my jaw break as it hit the floor, I had to, just HAD to have the Altaira. And thanks to Tony at Ellington HiFi who worked with me on the purchase, I soon had the Altaira and several Venom grounding cables inserted into the system. My thanks to you for helping me get the right connectors so attaching the grounding cables to the equipment chassis was much easier. So where the Denali was a “game changer”, the Altaira is a “GAME CHANGER!” I cannot recommend the Altaira enough. Everyone who has an audio system needs an Altaira, plain and simple.

Not sure how Shunyata keeps belting out home runs but keep it up! The Altaira is pure genius!


Shunyata’s Natural Sound Character

Dear Richard,

I have been using Shunyata cables regularly for about 10 years, I have tried many other cables, but I consider Shunyata one of the best. I like the thorough elaboration of the sound, but above all its naturalness. I hope they will keep this quality in the later ones, because I feel that for the sake of market profit, most manufacturers produce presentation-type cables that give a 15-minute wow feeling, but are not suitable for tonally and emotional, intimate music listening. They are bright, violent, poorly balanced.

Shunyata is not like that. Carefully developed natural sound. Congratulations on the products.

Have a nice day!

Gemini Powering and Grounding Network Closet Gear

My Gemini arrived early last week with an Alpha Ground Cable and Ethernet tail. The Alpha and tail were utilized to ground my router to the Gemini which brought immediate and amazing results. The degree to which this relatively simple addition positively affected my system is difficult to comprehend and explain. This is even more striking given the fact a segmented Altaira hub system was already in place on the “traditional” audio gear. Most, including myself before last week, do not consider the network components linked to their audio systems to be an extension of it. Powering my router, switch, and Add-Powr Symphony I/O device through Gemini and grounding the router and I/O as well has brought another level of transparency, focus and expansion to the soundstage. (The switch is grounded through the SG hub) I posted a much more detailed reaction (on an audio forum ) too voluminous to copy here.

The Gemini is an amazing component and an unbelievable bargain especially when packaged with the Venom HC v2. I can only bear witness to its use in the “network closet” application, but it is a home run there. Thanks for your time and attention. I realize the Gemini is a somewhat ‘niche’ piece obviously overshadowed by the reference level distributors, but when used to its potential, it’s right there with them. It does for my network gear what my Denali does for the rest of the system. The more people learn about it, the more units you will sell. It’s as simple as that.

Altaira with Omega Grounding Cables

Hello again Richard,

I hope all of you are doing fine over there.

Well, well, well… Remember that someone said that he can’t afford to buy an Altaira?! Not now and not in the future, because of the higher prices on everything.
Well it turns out that that guy has a bank who is more then willing to lend out the money needed to get an Altaira and another Omega CGC (on my pwr amp!)! 😹👍

Since my first Omega CGC I couldn’t get Altaira out of my head! If one cable was that good the Altaira must be magical, I thought.
So I have read EVERYTHING I could. Watched EVERY Youtube video there is. And read ALL that is written on various forums. And now I have it!

And after about three weeks I can honestly say that this product has transformed my stereo!

The details and the dynamics that this box digs out is amazing! I’m hearing things that I have never heard before on well known (20-30 year old) records that I have listened to many hundreds of times. The silence between tracks are spooky. Music and especially voices sounds even MORE realistic now, more musical, so to say.

I thought my stereo took a big step towards ’musical heaven’ when I got rid of the “cables with boxes” and bought the full Alpha V2 cable loom, but this box has taken me almost to the gates heaven!

I honestly don’t know how to describe all the positive thing I hear (but I know that all of you have heard the same things so I don’t have to struggle with my English any more!🙃).

This box is a game changer, probably the best product you have made so far! So BIG applause to everyone involved in the Altaira 👏👏 you are the best!

Kind Regards, from probably THE happiest Swede this year,

Shunyata Omega Loom + Everest + Altaira

I have a complete loom of Omega power and digital cables, 2 x Everests, 3 x Altaira Signal Hubs and Omega ground cables and Omega speaker cables. The difference these have made is truly transformational. Just like getting two or three major system/room upgrades. 

-Peter J.

Alpha USB

Hey Scott!!!

Man…I got a fresh Alpha USB in the other day…and it has transformed the quality of my recordings and of course monitoring playback. It’s like I upgraded every component in my system. I’m not just catching one or two things that I never heard before, it’s like an entire veil has been lifted – thoroughly just blown away. My job composing, mixing and just life as an audio enthusiast got a serious overhaul.

Just wanted to send lots of good vibes to you and the team for this straight up alien technology <3!

V. – California

Shunyata Gear

“Thanks Richard. You’ve been more than helpful in my process of overhauling my power system. I’ve always been a believer of everything makes a difference, whether or not you can hear it is a different story. Anyway,  I’ve never really invested a lot in power cords and conditioner. I used mostly Pangea power cords. It is heavily promoted by AudioAdvisor, and it’s very affordable comparing to what’s on the market. I’m happy to have finally landed on Shunyata and hear the positive differences in your products, and you’ve been of great help along the way. Thanks again for that.”

-Kenny C.

Typhon T2

Now running for about 36 hours non-stop, the Typhon T2 is really a BIG upgrade, awesome: more punch, more space in depth and width, more details and more/better bass in a way more elastic and more natural sounding (plus more space)… like a 4th dimension. Thanks a lot to all of you guys at Shunyata.

Best regards,
Uli, Munich,Germany

Venom-X Speaker

I recently connected a pair of Venom-X (speaker cables) to my Yamaha A-S2200 and ATC SCM19’s and I am overjoyed with the result!  

They are fantastic, heard them first on a live stream from Alpha audio. My hi-fi dealer here in Munich (Rauch und Schall) has your range, so I borrowed them and listened to them with my wife. It took 10 seconds until my wife said we needed them 🙂

Kind Regards,
F.R. -Munich

Omega S/PDIF

I just got an Omega SPDIF and holy digital Batman! This replaces Sigma v1 feeding my studio monitors. I expected an incremental improvement. This is like a monitor upgrade. Deeper tighter bass, totally balanced timbre. I have several reference tracks that I have listened to thousands and thousands of times…and I am hearing new detail. Awesomeness.

Rob G.

Denali 6000/T : “Greater sense of clarity”

Good afternoon, Richard,

Everything’s coming together beautifully! The Denali 6000/T has further elevated my system (in fact, I can’t believe to the extent that it has made in providing a greater sense of clarity and overall ease to the sound!)
Thanks again for your guidance;

Take care,
Rob A

Venom X XLR : Spot on recommendation

Hello Richard,

I am writing you just to let you know we performed our first upgrade 2 months ago and we are very, very enthusiastic about it so I HAD to write you.
Our upgrade: replacement of the older v1 delta XLR interlink for the Venom X XLR. Your recommendation was spot on! If not to say, a bit modest. The improvement was immediate, very noticeable and really brought out the details and more coherence. Improvement in soundstage, tight and more controlled bass with more definition, I really miss the audiophile vocabulary so I hope you know what I am trying to say here. There also seems to be more synergy: meaning what we heard after replacing our interlink we noticed the same but less dramatic changes compared to the Venom X speaker cable.  All seems to come together now!
Next upgrade will be putting in the Venom X EF for the amplifier and maybe the SACD player as well in the quest for more synergy.
Thanks again for advice and support. 
Have I nice evening
Kind regards,
Wim S.

Alpha v2 RCA : “The reality of each sound has improved significantly”

Hello Richard,

Upgrading from Delta v2 RCA to Alpha v2 RCA was as big a jump as you said! Specifically, first, the localization of sound was very stable and the stereoscopic effect improved significantly. The vocals are firmly anchored in the middle and the instruments are where they should be. Next, the middle and low frequencies, which were somewhat lacking, are now clearly audible without being too much or too little. The glare of the sound, which I sometimes noticed, has almost disappeared. Finally, the reality of each sound has improved significantly.

Great success! I can’t believe TAP can have such a huge effect. I have gradually replaced the cables in my system with Shunyata Research products and have never been betrayed. In other words, the sound only got better each time. Again, the sound quality is much better.

I’m so happy. Thanks!


Denali is “everything my system has been waiting for”

Hi Richard,

I had already returned my speaker cable loan when the Denali arrived yesterday but within 10 minutes I realized this ugly black box could be the most consequential thing I’ve added to my system to date! Even more so – yet comparable in price to – the speaker cables I just tried out!!

It was like a “loudness” and clarity switch immediately kicked in, with a fullness comparable to my Sigma/Alpha bi-wiring experiment but a clarity exceeding anything I’ve ever heard before on my system. Everything was so dynamic and detailed and crisp. Background vocals more distinct and discernable, guitar licks more pronounced, yet a warmth came thru even when using my pre-amp’s solid state half. It’s EVERYTHING my system has been waiting for!

-Paul S.



Thanks so much for your frank and succinct advice. I will certainly follow your guidance.
Shunyata is an impressive company doing remarkable work and ground-breaking research.
We in the music/audiophile community appreciate what you do!

Thanks again & all the best,
Weldon J

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