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Denali 6000/s V2, Sigma XC, Alpha NR v2


I just got them today – so maybe 2 hours thus far. Not much…but it has been difficult to stop listening!

Here are some of my texts to friends today that are more descriptive in terms of expressing how I feel about this “combo” of the Denali 6000/s V2 with the Sigma XC 20 amp power cord (+ Alpha V2 NR powering my NAD Masters M33):

“Completely TRANSFORMATIVE in every way. Tonal accuracy that produces mesmerizingly real instrument timbres and decays, depth of soundstage that is staggering, far greater control over the mids and lows leading to increased dynamics and palpable 3D instruments in space, and an ease of listening even at “live concert volumes” that is difficult to describe.”

“I was not capable of even imagining this level of musical enjoyment…the kind of musical reproduction that can make minds break and tears flow!”

“I feel like I’ve wasted way too much lifetime NOT hearing music THIS WAY.”

“Isn’t it just a shame that “doubters” still exist in the “audiophile” world about the efficacy of power conditioning and power cords. Such a loss for them.”

~Steve from Michigan

Denali 6000S v2

Good afternoon,

First off I’d like to express my gratitude for what Shunyata Research has done for our listening enjoyment over the years. The rewards have been immense and the recent acquisition of two Denali 6000S v2 has been nothing short of enlightening. This new found level of transparency was literally frightening initially. The added complexity of macro and micro dynamics has put layers and textures within and upon textures. Depth of stage was improved dramatically. Timbres are highly refined.

The first time our cat Yusef (named after Yusef Lateef the multi instrumentalist) sat down with us in front of a very familiar piece of music since the addition of the two Denali, as he commonly does, at a very modest volume level, his ears were now unusually moving around like radar and unlike being his usual still and good listening companion, he kept jumping over us from one side of the couch to the other not sure what to do next until finally coming to rest and getting used to the new normal! Given, his ears might well be better than mine, and I feel he really was experiencing what we all were trying to come to terms with. The music was in the room, well outside the speaker boxes for the first time. On some level this psychedelic like event presented itself so radically new, lasting for days after the system first settled back in. Truly amazing. Now we expect this kind of 3D performance. One of the single greatest upgrades I’ve ever experienced.

-Rob S.

Alpha Speaker Cables


It was very gracious of you to take the time this afternoon to reassure me and to explain the timeline the cables will go through before settling. I’ve been listening ever since our conversation and cannot believe what an improvement the cables have made already; looking forward to receiving the alpha speaker cables & seeing what further heights my system will scale.

You are the epitome of customer service! Thank you again

Back to listening,
-Rob A.

Sigma v2 Speaker Cable

Hi Richard,

The new Sigma v2 speaker cable has settled in and is just gorgeous. You all should be very proud of this product.


Delta v2

Hello Richard,

These C15 IEC shims work great. Your picture really helped. Without the shims these McIntosh IEC terminals on my SACD player and pre-amp were very loose. With the shims installed the Delta plugs are perfectly snug. Tell Mr. Gabriel these things are a god-send and really work. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. Your quick turn-around on this order is appreciated.

Opinion: McIntosh is Chevy and Audioquest is Ford; Shunyata is Ferrai/Lamborgini/Bentley . . .

Other: These Deltas are beautifully constructed and the packaging is impressive. But what’s better than that is the dramatic improvement in my two-channel music system’s sound. Things are more separated and everything has more extension and openness. Really, the sonic improvement knocked me on my butt. Even my wife gave them a thumbs-up and she is generally skeptical about the money and my “audio venture.” The Adcoms’ power cords are wimpy 18 awg and are attached so I can’t change them until I get new amplifiers. I can’t even imagine how the sonics will be improved with good power cords on devices that really need power like amplifiers.

Richard, the ability to talk directly with you and Shunyata means a lot to me. There are no more brick-and-mortar stores where one could first kick the tires. So dealing with you directly is important.

-Joe B.

Venom V14 NR

Hi Richard,
I received the Venom V14 NR/Digital and WOW! The image on the monitor is rock solid. No bleeding, the darks are dark, and the reds are bright. The text isn’t as fuzzy around the edges making it easier to read. This after only three or so hours of use. So, it could get better as time goes on.

I have never bought a cable that came in such an amazing box. Everything is all serialized, with inspection notes, etc. It really makes you feel like you got something special.

I suspect I will change out a few more cables with Shunyata before I am through. 😀


Venom V14 NR

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to let you know I acquired the 2nd Shunyata Venom 14 NR/Digital for the computer. The one for the monitor is miraculous! Once it finished burning in, the pixels are tighter and the color brighter. In fact, there is a URL icon for our internal company web folders that had always looked fuzzy. Now it is pixel perfect, no bleed, no fuzz! I can now tell it’s an open folder with files. Before it was a yellowish, orange smear with white and splotches of color.

I cannot wait to discover the differences this new Venom cable will reveal on my laptop. It’s entirely possible that sound and video quality will get a nuanced boost!

Brandon M.

Sigma USB


Just to dot the “I” on this, Jason R hooked me up with a Sigma USB. It sounds fantastic. The detail, the subtle dynamics, the air and space around the instruments, the … well, everything. It all sounds so wonderful. I will most certainly continue building my Shunyata collection. I thank you for the time you have spent addressing my many emails, too.

Jim M

Venom V16, SSF-38, Delta XC v2

Hi Richard,

I received the Venom V16, the SSF-38 feet and the Reference Delta V2 XC today.

Transcendent. That’s a word I would use. It hasn’t even remotely begun to be burned in and it’s already beyond astonishing. It’s like being shown Heaven and knowing there are far more realms within that are more wondrous than the next. All you must do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Music flows as though without restriction. Bass is laser focused and its thunderous growl no longer affects the mid bass or mid-range. The vocals become more in focus and life-like. Minute minutiae hidden within the folds of sound come creeping out as if awakened from a deep sleep. The timing of notes are precise and exact as is the attack and decay. The notes meet each other as the layers of instruments come together in a sea of sound. This is a stereo setup but music appears behind me, off to the sides of the speakers and in front of me; even if I move left or right. Astonishing that the price of admission to this world is the Shunyata Venom V16 and the Delta XC.

You can never know what you were missing in music…until you hear it. Then you wonder how you could possibly listen to the music without these details. Hats off to Shunyata.

Remember those Venom V14 Digital power cables? They’re home now. They absolutely SING through the Venom V16. My monitor was already looking fantastic. Now it’s even more stable. Colors are more solid, like someone painted on my screen. Typing right now, in Microsoft Word, the letters flow as if they are running in 60 FPS, “live” like live television. Clearly, these cables were meant to be married to this power distributor. I suppose that might be why the share the same name and numerical designator, “Venom V16.”

I am so pleased I found Shunyata Research. My music thanks you too.

Brandon McKinney

PS. Yes, by all means you can use any part of this for any literature you may produce. It’s clearly the least I could do! 🙂

Venom V16

Hope you are having a good start to the weekend. Just a quick note, again thanks for all the great advice on the audio and video.

The Shunyata Venom Series V16 makes a large and noticeable improvement in both sound and video. I would rank it just behind the dCS Bartok in making everything sound better… cleaner bass, better soundstage, and just overall noticeable improvement in sound. It just seems to allow all the other components to reach their full potential. And the improvement in picture quality is like getting a new 4K tv, even the local HD broadcast is much improved. The Texas OU game was a disappointment, but the picture quality was outstanding.

Venom V16

Thanks Richard.

I plugged my second Venom V16 that I got this week in my office instead of my home living room.

Thoughts. I have such a good system in my office with the Lefacy Calibre speakers and the Berkeley Dac. But the sound was not up there.

With the Venom 16, the sound just opened up. We can here instruments that we never heard before:)
Paint in black by the Stones never sounded this 😊 👍 good!

Highly recommended.

Steve G.

Venom V10 NR

Hello Richard,

I finally got the last two Venom V10 NR power cords last week and the combination of the Denali plus the Venom V10 cords is extraordinary.

I have Martin Logan Renaissance speakers, and the improvement that the Venom V10 cables made to the sound coming from those speakers was phenomenal! The sound stage opened up significantly, it became more holographic and realistic. These cables should be mandatory for any ML speaker owner.

Best regards,


Sigma NR v2

Hi Richard,

I figured I owed you a follow up.

Just installed all three Sigma power cables and all I can say is Wow! I’m not going to embarrass myself by trying to use all the audiophile terms, but just … plain … Wow!

Thanks for the help getting the choices sorted out. Couldn’t be happier!

Best, Don

Sigma NR v2

Wow! What a quick response, yes that will work for me, I will send photos. I would also like to add my total amazement with the results of using these Sigma NR v2 power cables. The difference is outstanding. I am very happy with my purchase.

Thanks again for your fast response to my question.


Venom PS10


I am so pleased again! At first, I hooked the Venom PS10 up just into my LG OLED TV only, and the difference was quite tiny. But then I also hooked it into my DISH TV device, and immediately the visual depth and the intensity of the colors was noticeably increased.  Very nice.

Last: I hooked up the two KEF LS50 wireless speakers – just their power cords.  And immediately the music (done on my Roon system in the whole house) did indeed become better. So much improvement for a device that has such a modest retail price!  Shunyata is indeed helping lots of people for such an affordable item.

Thanks again.
-Rich B.

Triton v3, Typhon QR

I hooked everything up and calmly sat down to listen. OMG! I was not prepared for the amazing sounds that were now coming from my speakers. Like the tried and true cliche’ , “it was like a blanket had been pulled off my speakers”. I now heard music as it was meant to be heard, live, vivid and in my face. The music now not only had a wider sound stage, but the depth of that sound stage was something that I’d never heard before. The overall experience was one of profound amazement! I have had this system for about two years and this was the single most jaw dropping moment that i have heard. My system contains: Balanced Audio Tech. amp VK-6200 [200 watts each into 5 channels], Anthem AVM60 preamp, Oppo 205 multidisc player, Esoteric K-03 CD and SACD player, Golden Ear Triton Reference speakers, Synergistics interconnects, Shunyata power cord, Shunyata Triton V3 and Typhon QR.
Now I have a completely new CD collection to listen to all over again in a new and freshly delightful manner. My CD collection is around 12,000, so I’ll be at this for awhile. But now I will listen to them with a new bold and open sound!
I really wish to thank you very much for taking, not only the time it took and the expertise that you filled me in on, but also the joy that you had in doing so. You obviously enjoy what you are doing and it shows!
Jay B

Everest 8000

Dear Richard
I just received the Everest 8000. I realize it has been 14 months waiting for this but wow, the wait was worth it! I wasn’t prepared how much this would transform my system which already was at a high level with Spectral, Magico, and Vivaldi DAC. The Everest has taken a vast soundstage along with instruments and voices to an entirely new level. It is spooky how the music emanates from the totally silent background and each musician pops out with pinpoint accuracy as if they were live in our dedicated music room. My wife and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Back to rediscovering all our music! I want to thank you and everyone at Shunyata for all that you do and creating an amazing transformational product. Wow is all I can say.

With sincere appreciation,
Steve F.

A Huge Thank You!

As of today, I have 4 Shunyata Venom cables in my system. The 5th one, a power cord, will be delivered tomorrow. You don’t even want to know how many other cables I have tried and returned. Or how many have been thrown onto a heap in my spare bedroom.

I am a low-vision person, so my hearing is quite good. The Venom cables provide a sense of musical realism that I didn’t even know my system was cable of delivering. My musical tastes cover nearly every genre of music. I have been building my collection since December of 1952 (that is not a typo).

I appreciate the fact that there is no artificial coloration in the sound of your cables. I can also tell you that testing cables and audio components is hard work, and often frustrating. You have made it possible for me to stop thinking about cables. Except that I do think about them every time I turn on my system. It is simply the most pleasurable sound I have ever heard.

What’s amazing is that you have other lines that are better quality than the Venom series. My budget doesn’t allow me to try them, but I can only imagine what they must sound like.

I wish all of you the very best in health and prosperity. Thanks for helping me arrive at the peak of my musical enjoyment. There are literally thousands of tracks that I am looking forward to listening to and rediscovering with these fabulous new cables.

-Bill O.

Sigma Ethernet

The Sigma Ethernet Cable is fantastic! Definitely a difference. I wanted to thank you and your group for bringing music to a new dimension in our homes. Especially in today’s world with everything going on, this is so appreciated.
I feel like musicians are live in my dedicated music room.

My dealer ordered the Everest on Monday for me – looking forward to this!!! Hopefully will be shipped soon.

Steve F.

Thoughts on Shunyata cables

Hello Richard,

After 30 years in this hobby, I shouldn’t be surprised by cables making a big difference in sound quality. But the Shunyata cables I have tried recently (the sigma USB and the LAN) pulled that off somehow. I won’t go into audiofool descriptors (which I am no good at), but in my humble, subjective opinion, they were magical and transformative. It didn’t matter whether it was Renee Fleming singing, David Oistrakh violining, or the Grateful Dead, well, Deading, three words consistently leapt to mind: yes, yes, yes. Take away the Shunyata, and things become flatter, drier, unbalanced and boring. Several times when the program and recording rose to the occasion, I found myself thinking, “that’s the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” Those are the kinds of surprises that keep me in this hobby. Thanks, Caelin. — David

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