Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Reference Recording Studios

Along with the New York Philharmonic, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is regarded as arguably the finest and most skilled group of musicians in the world. With multiple recordings to their credit and complete sound studios the Vienna Orchestra treat every portion of their performances and recordings with extreme care and attention to detail.

After learning of the reputation of Shunyata Research products throughout Europe and within other top recording studios, executive Peter Poltun sought out samples of Shunyata products for testing. Their results followed those of every other studio that has evaluated Shunyata Research products.

All of us associated with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are extremely pleased with the results gained from using the Shunyata Research HYDRA and power cords in our reference recording studios. These outstanding, musical products have enhanced our recordings and made it easier for our musicians to hear the detail of their instruments!

Peter Polten, Manager: Vienna, Austria

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