Phil Demetro uses Shunyata in the Mastering Process

Considered Canada’s premier mastering facility, Lacquer Channel works with many of the world’s most renowned recording artists, including U2, Bryan Adams, Holly Cole and many others. These top artists sought out Lacquer Channel because of their reputation as Canada’s most well-equipped and professional recording and mastering facility.

Lacquer Channel mastering engineer Phil Demetro discovered Shunyata Research products through a local dealer, and discovered that the HYDRA and POWERSNAKES products significantly improved the resolution of their mastering and playback systems of which they are now a permanent part. Lacquer Channel actively recommends Shunyata products to their contacts in the mastering and recording industries.

After trying numerous top shelf brands of power distribution and IC’s for my mastering facility, only the Shunyata Research HYDRA’s and PowerSnakes remained as a vital part of my signal path and playback system. It’s never been so easy to achieve the great sound that I have been striving for — I no longer have to reach for my equalizers to find space for the details that I now have in spades. Lower noise levels let me get deeper into a mix without sacrificing power to my equipment. No anemic sounds here! Just music that always sounds right. I want to re-master my whole discography now!

Phil Demetro, Mastering Engineer at The Lacquer ChannelReviewer: Toronto, Canada

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