Sony Music Studios

Sony Music in New York is one of the United States most respected recording, mastering and post-production studios. Sony Music’s Mastering icons Vlado Meller and Steven Epstein thoroughly tested Shunyata Research products with their Recording and Mastering systems and were immediately impressed with the significant reduction in background noise. Both Vlado Meller and Steven Epstien have since added Shunyata Research products as a part of their mastering and sound check systems.

I have personally evaluated the HYDRA power conditioning system along with your PowerSnakes power cables. I was very impressed with the results. Shunyata Research products are now part of my equipment set up. Especially, with my 2 track tape machines, the sound with your system was definitely more transparent and clear. I would highly recommend Shunyata Research products to any professional audio/video facility.

Vlado Meller, Senior Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Studios: USA

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