Shunyata Research power distributors have a twenty year history of success in the medical, film and recording industries.

Shunyata Research power distributors deliver superior noise-reduction and system protection without the HUM, BUZZ and HEAT associated with other power-conditioning designs. They provide vanishingly low measured noise, see-through transparency and unrestrained dynamics in systems where the absence of noise is paramount to performance.

Design Principles

Former military scientist, Caelin Gabriel, has invented multiple patented technologies; developed innovative measurement instruments, created hundreds of proprietary parts and designed unique processes that all contribute to the exceptional performance of Shunyata Research’s power products.

Shunyata Research’s success in the medical, pro-audio and home entertainment markets is the result of two fundamental design criteria termed DTCD® (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) and CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference). While simple in concept, each represents an extraordinarily complex process in terms of the research, measurements and financial investment required to produce an entire series of products based on these principles.

DTCD® – Dynamic Transient Current Delivery

DTCD® Analysis is a proprietary measurement concept and measurement techniques that Gabriel developed to measure instantaneous current flow through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata uses this measurement device to perfect the parts design and construction methods to ensure maximum current delivery in its power distributors and power cables.

Gabriel’s DTCD® Analyzer can accurately measure impedance differentials as small as the difference between two one inch lengths of wire. The DTCD® Analyzer is used to measurably improve the DTCD® performance of connectors, outlets, buss bars, switches, breakers and even wiring. Caelin Gabriel believes that DTCD® is the foundation and most critical design element for a high-performance power delivery system.  More than any other concept – this difference in approach distinguishes Shunyata Research power distributors from all other designs.

CCI™ – Component To Component Interference

Traditional design theory in power delivery holds that high-frequency noise from outside sources rides into the system on the 50-60Hz sine-wave and therefore poses the greatest threat to system performance. This simplistic belief is behind the design of all power conditioners that use of transformers, chokes, coils and regeneration.

Actually, it is quite easy to design a power conditioner that blocks noise from the power line by using transformers, ferrite beads and simple LCR filters.  However, these designs, by their very nature compromise DTCD® delivery which translates to a compressed and lifeless sound quality in a high-end audio system. While traditional power conditioners block noise coming from outside the home they do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic components themselves.  In fact, many conditioners reflect noise back onto other components that are connected to the same power conditioner.  Shunyata’s power distribution systems are designed to address outside sources of noise and to isolate internal forms of power supply generated noise.

Caelin Gabriel believes that CCI™ is one of the most significant and often overlooked aspects to power system performance. Shunyata Research has developed patented and proprietary technologies that reduce CCI™ noise interference without using current-robbing transformers, coils or large capacitors.

Reactive InterFERence

Caelin Gabriel believes that power-distribution systems should be free of any ‘reactive elements’ that may interfere with the internal power filtering that is already built into an electronic component’s power supply. All electronic components have some form of power filtering, voltage regulation and transient protection built into their power supplies. Placing additional reactive power conditioning in front of a component’s built-in conditioning can cause unpredictable results and may even be deleterious to the component’s performance. The vast majority of electronics manufacturers advise against using power conditioners because they may interfere with the intended performance of the electronic component.  This also helps explain why the performance of many traditional ‘power conditioners’ vary dramatically from system to system.

Shunyata power distributors are designed very specifically to be ‘non-reactive’ which explains why their performance is consistent across virtually all types of professional and consumer entertainment components. Caelin Gabriel developed the patented Noise Isolation Chambers (NIC™ ) as a means of eliminating high-frequency noise without the reactive effects of traditional transformers and large capacitors.

Professional Accomplishments

Shunyata Research power distributors have earned their place within the world’s best studios and are used to record and remaster many of the most recognizable music and sound recordings ever made. These recordings include the re-masters of Pink Floyd’s seminal recordings, many of the music industry’s most noteworthy orchestral works, and the recording work being done at Sony Music, Japan, Shangri-La (Rick Rubin’s Studio), SkyWalker Sound and Das Boot (James Guthrie), to name just a few. These applications were largely the result of word-of-mouth endorsements between studio executives, engineers and musicians from all over the world who have noted the incredible silence and dynamic impact Shunyata products brought to their systems.

Reviews Agree

Across the entire review category, Shunyata products have enjoyed unprecedented endorsements, awards and accolades from those at the forefront of the Media industry worldwide. The writers who review Shunyata Research products possess the most experience in their category and are the most recognizable names in our industry. Defining reviews and articles have come from the likes of Editor Robert Harley and Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound, Roy Gregory and Marc Mickelson of The Audio Beat, Michael Fremer from Stereophile and countless other magazine editors and publishers abroad.  Shunyata products have become permanent fixtures in some of the media’s most respected music and evaluation systems.

Manufacturer Endorsements

On a yearly basis, Shunyata Research receives multiple requests for its power and signal distribution systems from the industries most respected electronics and speaker manufacturers. These systems are used at trade-shows and within many electronics and speaker manufacturer test facilities and listening environments as a base-line for developing new products. Some of the audio industry’s most prolific electronics and speaker manufacturers also use Shunyata internal wiring and parts within their product designs because of the performance advantages they bring to their products.

Limited Life Time Warranty

A significant advantage to owning a Shunyata Research product is their near perfect service record and longevity.  Shunyata Research power distributors are ‘over-engineered’ and designed to deliver a lifetime of reliable service.  The ‘mean time between failure’ for Shunyata Research products is so incredibly high that we offer a Limited Life Time Warranty for our power distribution products.