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The VENOM UK6 is a high performance power distributor designed specifically for the music, film and recording enthusiast, located in regions that require the UK BSI-style mains sockets. High-end home entertainment systems can be very complex and quite costly, yet the performance potential of the entire system can be dramatically affected by the choice of power delivery products including the power distributor. The UK6 has the build quality and reference level performance of much more expensive products.
Sound and recording professionals from around the world agree, Shunyata Research power systems are the finest in their product category.




MEDIA SYSTEMS AND HOME THEATERS: The six outlets provide the perfect solution for complex home entertainment and media systems. The exceptional current capacity and power rating ensures unfettered performance even when high-current amplifiers are used. The narrow profile (less than 9 mm) of the UK6 allows it to be placed behind a cabinet without pulling the cabinet out from the wall. All of the power cords plug-in from the top of the unit for easy access.

POWER SYSTEM EXPANSION: Many people already own a reference grade power distributor like the DENALI or TRITON but need more outlets to power accessories. They recognize that the quality of power distribution dramatically affects audio and video performance.  A reference grade distributor, like the VENOM UK6, is perfect for expanding socket outlet capacity with no loss in performance.

THE PURIST APPROACH: Many audiophile purists appreciate a straightforward, high quality approach to power distribution without having to contend with the complexity, fallibility and inconvenience of power regenerators and isolation transformers. The UK6’s all metal construction, massive cryogenic conductors, quality connectors, electromagnetic breaker, Trident module and CCI™ noise filter provide by exceptional performance. The VENOM UK6 has an unbeatable combination of performance and value.




“What had been a really good sound suddenly became even better, and not in a subtle way. Bass became better defined and subjectively deeper, and tiny details which had previously gone unnoticed became audible and added to the musical story. “

– Chris Kelly, The Ear – 2019
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“So how can I best summarise my experience with these Shunyata ‘entry level’ products? First of all, I shall really miss them when they go! What preceded them in my system were themselves a significant improvement on what had been there before, but the Shunyata products lifted my system’s performance to a new level.“

– Chris Kelly, The Ear





Traditional power conditioners are designed to block incoming noise from outside the home, but do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic components themselves. In fact, most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. CCI™ (Component-to-Component Isolation) is one of the most significant but often overlooked aspects to power system performance. The CCI™ filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces electrical noise and interference generated by a component’s power supply.


ArNi® Conductors

Shunyata Research’s  ArNi® conductors are designed to be the finest quality wire available for power and audio purposes. They start life using the highest purity copper available – OFE C10100 (or Ohno single crystal). Then they are formed into “virtual hollow tubes” that we call VTX™.  The core of the conductor is completely hollow forcing the current to only travel through the periphery of the conductor, therby eliminating skin effects and random eddy currents.

And finally, every ArNi® wire undergoes our proprietary KPIP™ process.

EM Breaker

Electromagnetic Breaker

Over-current protection is a requirement for today’s high current audio power distributors. The vast majority of manufacturers use an inexpensive thermal fuse or breaker. Both are specifically designed to heat up as the current level rises. This causes voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation and current limiting effects. There is a better solution — the hydraulic electromagnetic breaker that utilizes low-impedance relays and a sensing coil that reads the current level without heating up or limiting current. They can operate right up the to the maximum current level without heating up or limiting instantaneous current. They are rarely used in competitive products since they cost 10-20 times that of a common fuse or thermal breaker.

Venom UK6 w/ SSF Feet

Premium Grade Sockets

The type and quality of mains socket has a significant impact on performance. The sockets we use in our power conditioners feature massive copper alloy contacts that have superior conductivity compared to brass or bronze used in common sockets and have superior sonic qualities compared to audiophile outlets that use gold, silver, or rhodium plate platings.

The sockets have larger contact surfaces that provides for an incredible grip strength. This improves connection reliability and DTCD — instantaneous current delivery capacity.

They also have expanded internal air gaps that improve cooling when powering high-powered amplifiers. The internal connection method utilizes a high-force clamping mechanism that allows for the use of very large gauge wires.

Vibration Isolation

After years of research into the negative effects of vibration, Shunyata Research developed its own ‌vibration isolation using sub-miniature accelerometers that accurately measures the effects of floor and airborne sound waves. We use it in the development of vibration absorbing materials such as energy absorbing footers, AC outlet gaskets and chassis dampeners that reduce resonant vibration. Recognizing that vibration control is important to overall performance, our chassis are made with optimally dampened steel and aluminum, rather than plastic or thin-wall sheet metals.

KPIP Blackbird Processor


Shunyata Research’s proprietary Kinetic Phase Inversion Process includes four days of continuous KPIP™ processing to dramatically reduce burn-in time and significantly improve sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation.


Sonic Welding

Simple crimping, soldering, brazing and screws are all inferior methods of joining two wires or terminals together. Sonic welding uses high-energy sonic waves to literally join two metals together at a molecular level and cold-welding uses high-energy pneumatic pressure to bond metals. Shunyata Research uses both methods to secure connections that do not degrade over time.


Cryogenic Processing

Shunyata Research operates its own onsite Cryogenics International computer-controlled cryogenic plant. Liquid nitrogen is used to reduce the temperature of the contents to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The computer monitors and lowers the temperature by a single degree at a time to prevent thermal shock.

We use this process to improve the performance of connectors and various electrical components that are used in our power products and signal cabling.




Maximum Voltage:
220-250 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (UK)

Input Current Ratings:
Maximum Continuous Current: 16A

Output Current Ratings:
Max Current/Socket: 16A

Transient Suppression:
Shunyata Research Trident Defense System
Maximum Transient Protection: 40,000 A @ 8/50 μs

Over-Current Protection:
Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker

Noise Suppression:
> 24db @ (100 kHz – 30 MHz) [line to outlets]

Outlets & Connectors:
Inlet: IEC C19R
UK Sockets: 6 BS-1363 (3-pin)

Wiring System:
Dual ArNi® VTX™ conductors (6 mm2)
Ratings: 600 V 105° C

Vibration Control:
Vibration dampening panels (internal)
Shunyata Isolation Footer

Stainless steel and steel chassis

Width: 52.07 cm
Depth: 9.00 cm
Height: 12.5 cm
Weight: 3.4 kg



Over more than 2 decades, the reliability and durability of Shunyata Research products has become a legendary attribute of the brand.  Shunyata products are completely non-reactive and run cool to the touch.  They do not hum, vibrate, buzz, or generate heat and do not require any ventilation. Despite heavy-use applications in studios, medical labs, and home environments, Shunyata Research products maintain an almost zero failure rate.


In an era of products that are mass-produced, Shunyata Research invests in training career craftsman who build our products by hand at our factory in Poulsbo, Washington. The exceptional fit, finish, and attention to detail has become a hallmark trait of Shunyata Research products going back to its inception in 1998. Shunyata Research has been building some of the finest power and cable products in the industry for more than twenty years. The commitment to building durable products that are designed to last a lifetime elevates our products to the top of their class.


Safety and quality control is job one at Shunyata Research. Before anything leaves the factory, we test each and every product thoroughly and carefully for safety and quality. This explains the long-term success of Shunyata Research products in the professional recording, medical, scientific, and consumer industries. Shunyata Research’s impeccable product safety and reliability track record for the past 23 years speaks for itself.



Lifetime warranty badge

The unparalleled craftsmanship and build quality of Shunyata Research products is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This demonstrates our commitment to building the finest products on the planet and providing exceptional customer support.
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