Rick Rubin, Grammy-Winning Record Producer

As a multiple Grammy winning music producer of recording artists such as Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Jay Hawks, Neil Diamond, Public Enemy and many others, Rick Rubin has earned his reputation as the most versatile and gifted producer working in the music and recording industry.

Rick Rubin encountered Shunyata Research products in many rooms at the CES trade exhibits in 2004, and inquired about an evaluation. After extensive testing and comparisons, Rick adopted Shunyata Research’s products for use in his home listening, testing and recording systems. Rick remains one of the most outspoken advocates for Shunyata Research products within the studio and recording community.

Shunyata Research power cables and interconnects made a remarkable difference in my reference system. The PowerSnakes power cables added effortless muscularity, control and wide-open clarity to the amps driving my speakers. These are not subtle tweaks. I would guess the amps sound 15 percent better — a far bigger difference than any speaker cables have made and in many cases, as unbelievable as it may seem, a greater improvement than changing the whole front end. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Rick Rubin, Grammy-Winning Record Producer: USA

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