Next to power cables, speaker cables are the most critical signal cable links in an entertainment system. This is because speaker cables must transfer the delicate music signal while also conducting very high current into a speaker that presents a dramatically varying low-impedance load. Shunyata has spared no expense in the design of its speaker cables’ ability to deliver high current while eliminating the multiple forms of micro-distortion that would otherwise obscure and distort the original music signal. Shunyata Research speaker cables start with ultra-pure OFE copper in a VTX™ ‘hollow tube’ geometry that maximizes power transfer while minimizing skin effect. As you go up the series ladder, more advanced technologies become available, including; patented ΞTRON® that eliminates dielectric distortion and HARP technology that reduces current resonance modal distortions.

Shunyata Research uses a costly sonic welding process that bonds metals at a molecular level without the use of solder, brazing rods or any other intermediary metals. This process is superior to crimping, soldering, cold soldering and cold welding. There is no better method to join conductors to terminals, which ensures maximum power transfer and a distortion free termination. The result of these accumulated technologies is distortion-free performance rarely experienced, regardless of cost.