Stereo Unlimited

The city’s longest running home-entertainment store, Stereo Unlimited, is nestled in the heart of downtown San Diego. Owner Bruce Hiemburg will agree that his custom install business has grown over the years, and that sales of home theaters are brisk, but clearly his, and the store’s heart and soul remains committed to the faithful reproduction of music and all its forms. The store even commits significant retail space to vinyl LP’s so that music enthusiasts can relax, listen to music and look over thousands of available LP releases.

Needless to say, Stereo Unlimited is extremely selective about which product lines they support and it shows. Their line list reads like a who’s who of great analog, digital, tube and solid state electronics brands.

Because of the store owners 30 years of experience and technical background it took no more than a brief look over Shunyata Research’s product range and their technology to convince him to become a new dealer for Shunyata Research back in 2002. Stereo Unlimited has remained one of Shunyata Research’s most committed and best selling retailers ever since.

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