Overture Audio

Owner Terry Menaker’s reputation as one of the most discerning high-performance film and sound system retailers in the United States is well earned. His store, Overture Audio, represents only the most exclusive and credible lines of electronics in the market. With lines like Wilson Audio, Audio Research, Spectral, B&W and Macintosh it is obvious Overture has its pick of the market in each product category. In 2005, Shunyata Research products were carefully evaluated and compared before being selected as the premium high-performance power distribution product line for the entire store. Shunyata Research products continue to enjoy that exclusive position today despite intense competition from countless similar lines trying to find a retail home at one of the finest and most sought after stores on the east coast.

Adding Shunyata Research HYDRA and power cords to our reference system was a revelation in improved performance! Amazing products for both audio and video!

Terry Menacker, Owner: Overture Audio

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