Ne Plus Ultra

Appropriately located within a Historic Landmark building in Austin Texas, Ne Plus Ultra is true to its name. Only the most exclusive, top performing products in the high-end audio market need apply. Owner Casey Mckee has invested his 30 years of high-end retail experience into one of the country’s only dedicated high-end two-channel music and sound stores. Ne Plus Ultra places an extreme emphasis on personalized customer service, home system set up and one of the world’s finest audio showrooms. Ne Plus showcases and displays a select and inspiring collection of the most coveted and respected electronic and speaker lines on the market.

Despite significant skepticism, Casey Mckee was convinced to evaluate Shunyata Research products in 2003. After multiple trials in some of the most expensive systems, all skepticism was removed. Ne Plus Ultra has been using, endorsing and selling Shunyata Research products as part their recommended reference systems for the past five years.

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